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June 19, 2019

Thameen Fragrance – Luxury in its Purest form

Thameen, meaning precious, has been inspired by the world’s most enchanting jewels and scents, and the colourful ltales behind them. As symbols of status, religion, wealth, beauty and love, both jewellery and fragrance have enjoyed a long and close relationship. From ancient tribes to haute couture, they have both been central to civilisation. Thameen marries the two.

Created by Mr Basel Bin Jabr who believes, “Fragrances are incredibly powerful. They trigger memories; they transport you to another world. I grew up with scents and my father loved perfume. One of my most precious memories is my father taking me to the best perfume oil sellers in the Middle East. He was very fond of rose oils and called them his ‘precious jewels’. I inherited his love for perfumes. As a tribute to my late father I started Thameen, which means precious in Arabic.”

Today, Thameen London is a niche, luxury, British brand which realises the founder’s vision of combining Eastern opulence with Western refinement. Their collections include; The Treasure Collection, The Hair Fragrance Collection, The Baby Fragrance Collection, Body Lotion Collection and the Sovereign Collection.

Patiala, the newest fragrance to the Treasure Collection, like its namesake; Patiala is a manifestation of true craftsmanship. Containing 2,930 diamonds set in platinum, the Patiala necklace is one of the most extravagant pieces of jewellery ever made and an outstanding example of Art Deco jewellery. Only parts of this legendary necklace have resurfaced, but its impression is everlasting and a mark of true sophistication.

This divine fragrance opens bright and strong with a juxtaposition of invigorating citrus and the sweet glow of aldehyde. Warmth and elegance lie at the heart of this scent with orange flower, effortlessly complimenting a rich and velvety rose sinking into a hypnotic harmony of earthy moss, resinous amber and a powdery musk.

Their most exclusive ‘Palace Oud’ limited edition fragrance retails at £3,500 and with only 100 bottles made in the whole world it truly is exclusive. Palace oud is 30ml of pure fragrance oil, presented in an exclusive handmade decanter of the finest English Crystal. Rare Indian Oud, aged for 12 years have been exclusively created for this luxurious fragrance. It is combined with high quality Indonesian Oud and then sensually intertwined with intense notes of wild Egyptian Jasmin and Arabian rose from Taif. Cedar wood from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco has been enhanced with light notes of amber and the addition of Cambodian sandalwood strengthens the woody impact of the precious oil.

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