The American Bar’s Coast to Coast Menu at the Savoy Takes You on a Sensational Journey

May 24, 2017

It may be called the American Bar, but the Savoy Hotel’s luxurious new cocktail menu is instead taking you on a grand tour of Britain Coast to Coast.  From South to North, the new elegant menu brings together the true spirit of the regions it reflects through some amazing ingredients and beautifully thought out presentation.

Take a tour through the Garden of England, with fresh cocktails that epitomise Kent in full summer bloom.  Journey through London’s art deco American inspired glamour of the 1920’s, stopping off in Sherwood Forest for a herbaceous experience, before taking a whirl through the Savoy’s Industrial influenced drinks in the Pennines, and finally to the Highlands –  capturing the spirit of a rugged Scottish landscape in Castle Rock.

With so many drinks to choose from, we felt it was only right to start with a crisp fresh glass of Champagne Ruinart Blanc de Blanc whilst we perused the beautiful menu which also also includes fabulous tasting notes on the key ingredients used in each section.  As the piano tinkered away in the background, it became apparent that drinks at the Savoy are part of a very lavish experience – there are definitely worse places to spend your Friday evening, that’s for sure!

Savoy Coast to Coast Menu Frosty Reception
Frosty Reception, Sherwood Forest (Photo Credit: Rob Lawson)

My first choice came from the Sherwood Forest section of the menu.  With a visual narrative accompanying every single drink and making the experience that little bit more special, the Frosty Reception (£18) came in a pewter goblet, served on a wooden platter with a side of candy floss sprinkled with pink peppercorn.  With Sherwood Forest’s beginnings dating back to the last Ice Age (that’s 10,000 years ago), its magic is encapsulated in the smokey spirit of Mezcal which comes from the agave plant, said to be the ‘elixir of the gods’.  The myth associated with the Mezcal mixes seamlessly with birch liquer, the pink peppercorn honey, egg white, lime juice and eucalyptus, for a refreshing taste and that smokey finish.  Simply Divine.  I mixed the side of candy floss into the drink for an even sweeter experience.

Savoy Coast to Coast American Bar Spinning Jenny
Spinning Jenny

My friend decided to take his journey through the Pennines – opting for the Spinning Jenny (£18), a drink which celebrates James Hargreave’s 1764 invention of the same name which revolutionised the spinning of cotton.  By 1778, there were over 20,000 of these spinning frames being used for weaving.  Bringing us bang up-to-date in the Savoy’s American Bar, this delightful concoction of Bombay Sapphire, Cocchi Americano, pear eau de vie, yerba mate soda, citric acid and berry syrup, seemed like a decadent twist on a simple gin and tonic.  Fresh and light to start, the pear flavours mixed with the berry came through as a nice hit on the finish.  This drink was also presented on three silver industrial style coasters again as an immersive nod to industrialisation during this period.

Savoy Coast to Coast Menu Black Diamond
Black Diamond, Pennines (Photo Credit: Rob Lawson)

Probably my favourite tipple of the evening was the stunning Black Diamond (£20) – again inspired by the Pennines and served on those beautiful cogs.  This drink marries together Woodford Reserve Rye, Mr Black’s Cold Press Coffee Liqueur, Campari and salted Lapsang Souchong syrup.  Not for the faint hearted, this is the opposite of a girly, sugary cocktail and will put hairs on your chest with its particuarly strong flavours which I totally loved.  The smokey, woody taste of the Chinese tea, mixed with the coffee and combined with the rye and sweet spice of the Woodford’s was just amazing.  A side of Haeckel’s Black Diamond incense, released as the drink arrived was the icing on the cake.

The Savoy Coast to Coast Bright Light Cities, Pennines (Photo Credit: Rob Lawson)
Bright Light Cities, Pennines (Photo Credit: Rob Lawson)

We finished our evening with a Castle Rock cocktail – The St. Margaret’s Chapel (£16) which combines Hendricks gin with rosemary, sherry honey and umeshu (a sweet/sour Japanese liquer) which is then served with a spray of tangerine mist to really bring all those amazing ingredients together for a floral kick.  The Bright Light Cities (£16) – a nod to the growth of Northern cities and their social effect was the perfect rum night cap – a combo of Bacardi Superior, with Aperol and bittersweet botanical Kamm & Sons aperitif.  Yuzu and lemon juices provided the kick along with a bit of ginger syrup to balance out the sharpness and egg white for that thicker consistency.  The drink came served with a shot of verdita and although more commonly served as a tequila chaser, I thought it was a great palate cleansing addition between sips.

With some fabulous champagnes, oysters, martinis, vintage pours and some splendid sides also on the menu, if you’re after a special night out to celebrate, or just fancy a bit of luxury, the American Bar at the Savoy will take you on an unforgettable journey.

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Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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