The Arcane Experience: The Perfect Marriage of Food and Art

February 24, 2017

The highly anticipated March Art Week is back and bigger than ever with an array of exciting exhibitions, gallery openings and jam-packed art-themed affairs.

Whether it’s a quick lunch between gallery visits, an afternoon tipple on the terrace pre-vernissage or a long dinner entertaining friends and clients post-art festivities, Arcane’s repeated oak-interior, stunning art pieces, tantalising dishes, and overall aura, positions it as a must-visit this time of year.

Conveniently yet tucked away in Central, Arcane’s long term collaboration with Flowers Gallery London makes it home to some of the most adorned and fascinating artworks.

Chef Shane Osborn believes that the aesthetic value of quality artworks greatly enhances the ambience of his restaurant and enriches the dining experience of his guests, which is why each edgy, unique and alluring art pieces have been carefully sought out and selected, making a prominent presence in all corners of the restaurant.

Enviable and colorful collections chosen from British Artist Patrick Hughes, British Painter Bernard Cohen, English sculptor Nicola Hicks and German Photographer and Artist Michael Wolf, complement and reflect the culinary vibrancy and artistry in Chef Osborn’s palate pleasing dishes.

Patrick Hughes

British Artist Patrick Hughes first exhibited his work at Angela Flowers Gallery in 1970, and has since then gained international success with his work being included in major public collections such as Tate, Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Council. Known as the creator of ‘reverspective’, viewers may expect optical illusions on 3-dimensional surfaces that perfectly demonstrate how deceptive appearances can really be. Similarly, Chef Osborn always surprises patrons with his delectable delights proving there’s much more to than what meets the eye.

Bernard Cohen

British Painter Bernard Cohen, also known as the creator of pictorial theatre, consistently tells a story through his highly-illustrated work. His presence became prominent in the 1960s and has widely exhibited since then with ten of his paintings in the Tate collection. His tensely wrought and unpredictably complex pictures through the linear pathways, crossed bars and architectural elevations divided on the canvases, possess a uniquely remarkable positioning in the world of contemporary art. Likewise, Chef Osborn’s sublime presentation of his piquant delicacies goes above and beyond, constantly leaving unforgettable positive marks on diners’ culinary experiences.

Nicola Hicks

English Sculptor Nicola Hicks gains inspiration for her work from the true physical and psychological aspects of animal and human figures. Since a young age, Hicks has been no stranger to the world of art, with major solo shows in leading global museums and galleries, as well as exhibitions at St Paul’s Cathedral and other monumental locations. Using plaster, straw, and large sheets of brown paper for her dynamic charcoal drawings, these primary resources help her subsequently create some of the most detailed sculptures, often viewed as dangerous yet beautiful. One of her artistic treasures can be found on Arcane’s 20-seat terrace – designed as an English garden with lush greenery and over 20 varieties of herbs, fruits and vegetables tucked away within the shrubbery, all of which Chef Osborn harvests himself, to use for the fresh and intricate fare he serves.

From the significant art pieces to the exquisite meals, as well as the clean and precise focus to every particular detail, Arcane’s inviting yet intimate atmosphere makes the hidden gem a pivotal stop during Art Week.

In addition to this, Arcane’s 2000-square foot space can be easily transformed into a multi-functioning event space, for those interested in a more indulgent and private celebration. The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner throughout Art Week and will offer set lunches and a la carte options for both lunch and dinner.

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Written by Luxuria Lifestyle Hong Kong & Macau

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