The award-winning Donald Russell Simplicity Box everything you need for a delicious Christmas dinner

November 27, 2018

Christmas is my favourite time of year, I make sure my family feel the same way and most of the fun times are experienced around the dining table. We don’t manage to all get together that often, but Christmas is definitely the most important yearly memory created. Of course the food is of paramount importance.

Quality time spent with my loved ones is top of my list, therefore if I’m in the kitchen for hours and hours preparing the Christmas Day feast that is not going to happen. So having this special day pre prepared and delivered provides everything I need to ensure a little more freedom. The food comes packed in a purpose made box to ensure it remains perfectly frozen.

The Free-range turkey breast cooks in an hour from frozen and due to the freezing process it remains perfectly juicy and tender, the vegetables will hold their shape and stay crisp, fresh and tasty, the gravy smells delicious and the roasties are golden and fluffy. Gone are the days of tasteless, bland frozen goods, thanks to Donald Russell.

The Donald Russell products arrive frozen and during the freezing process no artificial preservatives are used, which helps to maintain flavour, the meat is frozen in convenient portions so you use just what you need and the meat is frozen the moment it leaves the butcher’s knife.

Donald Russell do not only provide Christmas fare, they operate an enormous menu, year round, from party pieces, dessert, pork, beef, seafood, poultry and game. They are also strong on the simple family favourites, such as lasagne, fries, Mac ‘n’ cheese, fish pie, treacle pudding, the list is endless.

Have a look at the website to see exactly how you can improve your meal times, the quality is top notch as only the best of the best makes the Donald Russell grade.

Donald Russell proudly champion the traditional craft of butchery. It’s an art that takes years to learn and decades to perfect. Donald Russelll are keen to keep the old skills alive by handing them on through the dedicated apprenticeship programme.

When you peruse the site to make your choices and then place your order online, it comes right to your door, whether to your home, neighbour or work address, simply choose the day that best suits you. No need to wait in; you can choose a safe place to leave it while you’re out. Your order is packed with plenty of ice to stay perfectly frozen on even the hottest day. It really is that simple, and I have changed my shopping habits for good now, the convenience is unbelievable, no wastage, all tasty and comparatively well priced, compared to the more upmarket supermarkets.

I have been given a Simplicity Box for Christmas Day for the family to enjoy, I think this is going to be a Christmas to remember, more valuable family time, less kitchen time, now all I need is the clearing up fairy!

My  Simplicity Box includes:

1 Slow Cooked Turkey Crown with Gravy, 1.35kg – Simply heat from frozen for tender, succulent turkey breast meat, complete with enough delicious gravy for everyone.
2 packs Goose Fat Roast Potatoes, 200g per pack – Premium potatoes Generously smothered in our finest goose fat for flavour, fully prepared and oven ready
2 packs Brussels Sprouts with Shallots & Bacon, 200g per pack – Mildly flavoured specially selected sprouts, plenty of butter, shallots and bacon give a truly tasty side dish.
2 packs Caramelised Carrots, 200g per pack – British carrots hand prepared by our professional chefs, our chunky carrots with a delicious glaze full of bold flavours are a side dish you will want to use for every meal
2 packs Braised Red Cabbage, 200g per pack – Slowly braised cabbage with apples, balsamic and our winter spices
8 Pork Chipolatas wrapped in Bacon, 315g pack – Our butchers wrap streaky bacon around our own recipe chipolatas.

Donald Russell hold dear the strong butchering traditions that seem to have disappeared from the high street, it feels like a very personal service, the food is lovingly packed and speedily sent, I highly recommend you try it, and you will change your shopping habits too, I’m sure.

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