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March 16, 2020

The best Optomotrist in JHB – Optical House, Rivonia

Upon hearing the news I had been requested to partake in and review Optical House with an eye test and assessment I shrieked in excitement (this may not be the typical thing to provoke emotion in most people but if you’re half-blind like myself you’ll understand). Getting my eyes tested bi-annually is one of those tedious tasks I generally put off until I no longer can.

On Wednesday afternoon I arrived at the Optical Vision office and was eagerly met by my optician Dr Pitamber, who is not at all your usual optician, he’s full of life, full of jokes and immediately makes me feel relaxed and at ease about my consultation.

The really ironic thing about the timing of this eye-test is that it arrived as soon as my previous contact lenses prescription seemed to no longer to be effective, something Dr Pitamber noticed and pointed out three minutes within my taking a seat. We had a lengthy discussion regarding my current prescription, lens type and visual challenges and it was then that he found I had been using the wrong type of lens for the past six years (can you imagine?)

We began the testing procedure, which was quick and easy, I have undergone one of these at least twice a year for the past 18 years so it had become pretty routine, Dr Pitamber did have some new techniques I’d never experienced before and made the process more interesting than the usual optometry sessions. He walked me through what each exercise focuses on, which 18 years later was really rather welcome information, I definitely felt like I understand the entire process and the exercises that come with it a little better.

Once the testing portion of my visit was complete we had a sit-down and lengthily discussed the state of my eye-sight, the options I have available to me for both contact lenses and spectacle lenses, we even dabbled a little in Lasic eye surgery (a procedure I am seriously considering undergoing). We then moved into the main floor where we looked at a selection of glasses for me to choose from.

The options were infinite and deciding on the perfect pair was a difficult task but I eventually settled on a simple, sleek cat-eye frame and could not wait to give them a test drive.

My overall experience at Optical House was a very pleasant and informative one.

I am so happy that the team at Optical House and Luxuria Lifestyle afforded me the experience, I definitely needed it. I look forward to my follow-up appointment.

Written by Nasiphi Ngcwabe by Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

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