The drinks are on MARTINI at Fiero Waterfront pop up!

June 11, 2019

Welcome in the longest day of the year with friends and MARTINI Fiero & Tonics.

MARTINI is ushering in the Summer Solstice with complimentary Fiero & Tonics for all visitors to the Fiero Waterfront pop-up in Merchant Square, Paddington.

Until Friday 21st June, the drinks are on MARTINI from 4-6pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, offering guests a golden opportunity to enjoy after work drinks in the sun.

MARTINI Fiero & Tonic has been tipped as the drink of summer 2019 thanks to its bittersweet orange flavour and striking red colour, which are both 100% natural. 75ml of MARTINI Fiero and 75ml of tonic water, poured over ice with a fresh orange garnish, creates a zesty, ice-cold serve thatcaptures la dolce vita in a glass.

Guests at the pop up will find plenty of tables and chairs, as well as space to spill out onto the grass by the waterfront for a bask in the sun.

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