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March 7, 2019

The Five Everyday Habits of Extremely Wealthy People

The process of attaining and maintaining extreme wealth can appear nebulous to outsiders. There is no straightforward path to wealth creation, with the most affluent in our society reaching their status by a wide variety of means, from winning big at poker to selling lipstick, as the youngest self-made billionaire on Earth has done according to: Washington Post -Kylie Jenner billionaire

While there is no guaranteed path to fortune, there are several things that highly successful people have in common. As many billionaires won’t hesitate to tell you, success is all about a mindset and a collection of habits which are conducive to wealth creation. Here are the five crucial everyday habits that all extremely wealthy people have in common.

1. Waking Up Early; Really Early

If there is any single habit which every member of the 0.1% shares without fail, it’s their penchant for getting up before sunrise. According to a study conducted by Huffington Post Successful Wake-up, most of the world’s billionaire CEOs tend to wake up at around 4am and go to bed early. They say the early bird catches the worm, and no-one gets rich by sleeping in.

2. Embracing Risks

Playing it safe won’t get you anywhere, which is why the wealthy are famously open to risk-taking. Whether it comes to business investments or casino games, high risk always means a potentially high reward. Just one glance at a major online casino such as Casino Paddy Power sums this up well: you can play video poker and slot games from as little as 10p, but your prizes will be small. Meanwhile, if you bet with more, you can potentially win £1 million in a single second. It’s obvious which option rich people would choose.

3. Constantly Seeking New Connections

The wealthy understand better than most that people are opportunities. Every new encounter could lead to your next million-pound business deal or golden investment opportunity. The rich understand that people fundamentally want to help each other out, so are constantly networking and expanding the circle. When it comes to success, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

4. Leading an Active Life

Successful people’s lives rarely revolve around the office. According to reading habits of billionaires, the richest people in society still find time to read several books a week, many times more than what poorer people manage. The wealthy also have a keen penchant for stimulating hobbies such as extreme sports and learning languages. It seems a key pillar of success is an eagerness to learn and broaden your horizons at every opportunity.

5. Saying “No”

Those who are just starting out in their careers frequently make the mistake of assuming that the key to success is simply saying “yes” to every request that comes your way. The rich think differently. They know that their time is precious and that saying “yes” all of the time means you could end up wasting valuable hours on work that won’t bring you any returns. If you want to be successful and wealthy, the first thing you should do is discard your penchant for people pleasing.

Incorporating these habits into your daily life won’t make you an overnight millionaire, but they will give you the mindset you need to succeed.

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