The Frog in Shoreditch – A relaxed atmosphere with eclectic artistic surroundings

June 8, 2018

If you’re familiar with East London, you know Shoreditch lies in the heart of it. Filled with artwork, quirky bars and restaurants, offering experience’s like no other in London. Just a few minutes’ walk from brick lane, The Frog restaurant ticks all of those boxes. Owned by celebrity chef Adam Handling and headed by Masterchef finalist Jamie Park, the combination of both their experiences brings new flavour combinations straight to your plate.

As you enter the Frog you’re immediately drawn in by the unmissable green graffitti on the entrance, displaying a taste of the Shoreditch vibe. The building has a greenhouse feel to it. Wooden walls, plants and greenery covering the ceiling, industrial features, modern interiors and an open style kitchen.

It’s the second anniversary of The Frog’s opening, so I was kindly invited to dine and enjoy their infamous tasting menu. Five courses of beautifully designed dishes each creatively paired with beers from Kill The Cat Beer shop and bar, awarded ‘Most Loved Bar in Shoreditch & Hoxton’ in this year’s TimeOut Awards 2018. Each beer complimenting the flavours of the individual dishes perfectly.

To begin we were welcomed with a glass of Dues Brut De Flandres, served in a champagne glass. It’s a yeast belgian strong ale, poured from a champagne style bottle. You tasted the champagne’s flavour straight away, following the strong taste of ale. Served with three taster dishes before our first course. A crab, sweetcorn and avocado cracker, placed onto a bed of kernels, something I have never seen done before! A dish of barbequed beef tartare, seasoned with lovage and chilli. Accompanied with fresh crispy bread and creamy chicken butter.

The first course was a tuna tartare, which for many years I have been avoiding. Raw fish has never been very appealing to me, yet this dish was presented so beautifully I couldn‘t resist trying! Bright pink tuna squares, plaited with shallots, jalapeño, avocado and wild flowers. The beer pairing for this dish was Acid Crush, a mix between Levig and Ouide Beersel, neipa mixed with lambic.

The second course was also a creative food pairing I had never tried before. Salt baked celeriac folded into a parcel shape, filled with truffle cream cheese, dates and apples. Mouthwatering and so flavoursome, each bite released a new strong flavour to your tongue.

Paired with ESB windsuit special bitter, complimenting the dish perfectly.

Next up was the third course of the night, again elegantly presented and served. This dish was hake fillet, pickled crab placed on top and a heritage tomato.

Paired once again brilliantly with beer that really emphasised the dish. This was personally my favourite beer of the night, Oedipus ‘swingers’ grapefruit and lime gose. Sharp citrus flavours and light bodied.

Number four on the menu, was the pork belly, accompanied by roasted cauliflower and kimchi. The pork was cooked perfectly, juicy and tender inside with a crispy outer skin. Displayed very chef-esque, you can see how much passion and thought has gone into the ingredients for this menu.

Paired with Solvay Society ‘Tritum’ a taste of pink peppercorn and rye triple.

The fifth and final course has arrived, dessert! Again as expected the presentation was flawless. Lemon tart with douglas fir miringue, topped with caramelised white chocolate. Paired with Blanche De Namar, another light beer with a very unusual pleasing taste. Just like the beers before it, all having their own original flavour, pairing perfectly with each course.

As the dishes sadly came to an end, to our surprise the waiters brought out a sixth dish! This was like nothing else I have tried before, and certainly not after having a sweet dessert. This creation was a cheese doughnut, filled with gooey cheese and topped with shaved Parmesan. A mouthwatering and comforting dish, ending the evening with nothing more than smiles all round.

Thank you again to The Frog and Kill The Cat, for a dining experience like no other. I can’t wait to return and try the tapas menu and more creative beverages.

If you would like to book a table at The Frog then please visit their website
Alternatively to keep up to date with Chefs Adam Handling and Jamie Park, please check out The Frogs Instagram

To purchase or taste in house yourself the huge variety of beers, please visit their website
Alternatively visit their Instagram

Written by Jessica Dynevor for Luxuria Lifestyle

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