August 3, 2018

Put down the cotton nightie, the silk slip or the t-shirt and boxers as a new luxury fashion and performance sleepwear brand is launching in the UK. Swedish/Swiss collaboration brand Dagsmejan, is the future of sleepwear and it’s now here for us to all get a better night’s sleep. Taking inspiration and insight from high-performance sportswear and updating the goods to meet the body’s physiological sleep needs, this is incredible sleepwear, whilst looking stylish and on- trend.

We wear special clothing to the gym, to swim in and even on the slopes, yet when it comes to sleep we do not put emphasis on what we wear as serving a purpose and acting as an aide to the act. Dagsmejan, which is sold through the RESTED website and at their unique London store, is a break through sleepwear brand which uses patented high-tech natural fibers and integrated functional knitting – completely seam-free, for optimised sleep.

image004.pngWorking with sleep researchers, fashion designers, material scientists and textile engineers, Dagsmejan brings UK consumers the most advanced, yet super sleek looking pyjamas on the market. The material used features patented Nattwell Technology® which constantly regulates your body temperature and is extremely breathable, slowing down the rate at which your skin temperature rises, thus keeping you warm yet cool.

Extremely lightweight, soft to the touch and fully sustainable, made from specifically enhanced MicroModal fibers (a natural fibre made from beech wood) and with moisture wicking fiber structures four times more effective than cotton, this means no more sweating at night. Dagsmejan sleepwear is the ultimate aide to a better night’s sleep.

Through extensive research, testing and trialing in labs and on consumers, Dagsmejan found that over 95% of people rated it a 10/10 for sleep comfort and as we move around on average 50 times a night, we should all pick sleepwear that is designed to move with you. Each piece of sleepwear has a no-rub feature, meaning no friction against skin and has 4-way stretch and 40% elongation give.

This is the first time that a brand has launched a high-performance fashion sleepwear range in the UK. Extending their range of performance luxury sleep goods, RESTED are delighted to be at the forefront of sleep innovation for the UK.

Dagsmejan Sleepwear comes in a range of colours for him and her, with a RRP starting at £60 and can be purchased here

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