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August 16, 2019

The ili Laptop Stand, providing great posture by design

The ili Laptop Stand is the perfect accessory for those leading a busy laptop lifestyle.

It’s innovative and elegantly designed to help improve and maintain a good working posture while also appealing to the environmentally aware.

The ili Laptop Stand creators, Zeno and Celine Kerr constructed the ili Laptop Stand after they identified a gap in the market for a sustainable, ergonomic and compact solution for laptop users.

Engineer Celine Kerr, iliBe Ltd said:

“While the laptop revolutionised the way people could work, introducing the flexibility to work from various locations, it was never designed to be used for longer than four hours at a time. The increased use of laptops has contributed to the growing number of people with poor posture, back pain and more serious musculoskeletal conditions.

“We created the ili Laptop Stand when my husband Zeno and I were preparing to work from a co-working space in the south of France for 3 months. Zeno looked for a laptop stand that would help him adopt a good posture as he had experienced pain from extended laptop use in the past. It needed to elevate the screen and allow him to place an external keyboard underneath meaning the screen was high enough and close enough to see easily. It also needed to be portable so he could take it to the co-working space every day. He couldn’t find one that met his requirements, so Zeno, an engineer at heart, made one.

“The very first ili Laptop Stand was simply a plank of wood and 3 sticks. It raised a few eyebrows at first, but it also turned a few heads and grabbed people’s attention as it made it look like the laptop was hovering above the table.

“When people started asking if they could have one, the interest spurred us on to develop and refine the overall concept and sustainable design of the ili Laptop Stand which we are delighted to share.”

Key design features

Elevation. The ili Laptop Stand elevates your laptop and allows you to position your keyboard underneath, bringing the screen higher and closer to you, thus improving your posture.
Foldable. It folds flat for easy storage and portability. It comes with a pouch and can be easily carried with an external keyboard and mouse alongside your laptop. Compact and easy to assemble (28×16.5×1.5 cm).Lightweight. Only 340g (roughly the weight of 2 bananas), it won’t weigh you down when you are on the move.
Sustainable. Made with environmentally friendly materials, which are easily recyclable or biodegradable.
Stable. Solid interlocking system with aluminium poles and non-slip rubber end caps.

The name of the Laptop Stand “ili” visually represents the three poles within the design which in turn represent the three pillars of sustainable development – environment, society and economy.

The laptop stand is not just for work, its design means that it can be used in several different ways which also makes it a great gift idea.

Celine explains: “It’s very versatile. I have used it in the kitchen for reading recipes while I’m cooking and for practising yoga online at home. We’ve also used it for watching movies on the laptop, elevating it from the coffee table so the screen is at eye level.”

The ili Laptop Stand has a recommended retail price of £39.99 and can be ordered online.
Find out more about the ili Laptop Stand here… ili Laptop Stand or email

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