The Lion & The Fox – The Coolest Hair Salon in Town

June 12, 2017

The Lion & The Fox is a sharply designed, luxurious and seriously cool hair-salon-come-art-gallery in trendy Clerkenwell.  I have the sort of hair that means I am not precious when it comes to trying out different salons, it’s poker straight and pretty fine – meaning I’m definitely not one of those women who stick to the same hairdresser for 12 years, too scared to try someone new. But when I left The Lion & The Fox with my glossy new hair cut, I had begun to understand the appeal of building that client/hairdresser relationship.

When I arrived it felt more like I had walked into the studio of a photoshoot – cool clients with colours on were enjoying drinks, working on their laptops and tucking into very expensive looking salads and I immediately wanted to be part of this club.  There was no obstructive reception desk – instead a low profile relaxed chair and table set up.

Lion & Fox Hair Salon
Tim Pateman and Leo Cackett

After being offered a glass of wine (which I excepted of course) I was introduced to stylist Tim Pateman, who opened the salon with renowned photographer Leo Cackett.  The duo had wanted to promote their passions of hair and photography in tandem and it was definitely working.

Lion & Fox Hair Salon
(Photo Credit: Ben Blossom)


Instantly I knew Tim understood my hair.  Unlike other hairdressers he didn’t try to win me over with promises of big volume and lots of layers, he knew that all it needed was a good trim and a great colour.  Then I was surprised to see that I knew my colourist Ian! We had worked alongside each other when I produced This Morning and I had no idea he’d moved to this salon.  We discussed what my needs were (the main one to eradicate my greys) and flicked through some celebrity pics before he ordered me another wine, and I was taken for my hair to be washed.  I sat looking up at a ceiling covered with art by Tim Broome – It was fun seeing all the faces looking back at me.

Lion & Fox Hair Salon
(Photo Credit: Ben Blossom)

Spanning two floors, the overall interiors approach was devised by Rich Ryan and celebrates the original architecture giving it an industrial yet polished feel with exposed brickwork, wooden flooring, feature lighting and on brand muted tones.

Ian decided to take my hair a little darker, cover the roots and do some balayage – a technique that he is extremely good at!  I felt like I was on a night out with an old friend as we had a good gossip.  It was also lovely chatting with Tim as he cut my hair, as a stylist to the stars who had worked in many TV studios it meant we had lot of common ground.

Lion & Fox Hair Salon

Tim gave me lots of advice on the shampoo I should be using and suggested ways to make my hair less lifeless.  After 3 hours, a cut and colour and a couple of drinks I was done.  I loved it – the colour was great, dark but warm and the cut sharp and sexy.

This isn’t just a salon but a cool place to hang out.  Maybe after all this time I will be returning to the same hairdresser again and again and again…

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Kerene Barefield

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