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October 16, 2019

The Luxurious Tintswalo Atlantic Opens its Doors Again

From the moment you arrive at Tintswalo Atlantic, you begin to realise that this is not just an ordinary hotel or lodge visit. This is a destination and you feel as if you have been swept away from the continent completely, to a remote island retreat.

The Tintswalo Atlantic has a very luxe coastal feel with a relaxing ambience and although it incorporates many local elements that celebrate South African culture – in especially the diverse and rare local flora that Cape Town is so proud of – it feels like you’re at an exotic location, never experienced before.

Upon arrival, I was welcomed with a glass of bubbly and shown around the exquisite establishment by the most friendly staff members who made me feel immediately at home. They took care of my every want and need from the minute I arrived. I was then swiftly escorted to my suite which was called the Robben Island. The suite had a lot of elements that celebrated Nelson Mandela and I loved this very personal approach because of the immense amount of pride for our local heritage. There was a clear presence of natural elements and light which added to the atmosphere and authenticity. Stepping into the suite, the first and most noticeable element is the beautiful, open, front sea-facing doors which filled the suite with sea air and the sound of crashing waves on the pebbles right outside.

The suite has everything you could want and need – with more. The balcony goes right out onto the pebbly shore and is spacious with the most comfortable loungers. The bathroom has a full glass sea-facing facade where both the bath and the shower look over the ocean and yet still maintains complete privacy. The bed was covered in the finest linen and all the decor was remarkably luxurious and of the highest quality.

The meals were more than just food, they were an experience for the senses and the soul. The staff ran through the menu with passion and detail, answering any questions you may have. We were also introduced to the chef on every occasion, again adding that personal touch and experience. My highlight though has to be the seared tuna starter. A top traveller’s tip would be to make sure you order coffee or cappuccino and pastries to be delivered, at a certain time, to your door in the morning as a pre-breakfast indulgence. I also thoroughly enjoyed relaxing by the pool which overlooks the pebbly beach and the crashing ocean, sipping on gin and tonic while enjoying the beautiful South African summer sun.

The Tintswalo Atlantic is said to be one of Cape Town’s most exquisite hidden gems, overlooking the Table Mountain Natural Park which has over 2000 different variants of flowers. Most of the flowers in this little stretch of the park cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Tintswalo Atlantic was sadly recently hit with fire for the second time in four years. It is now a refurbishment after the fire and we were one of the first to experience this amazing hotel since its reopening. It seems as if the fire had been an amazing refining process for the owners, although sad and devastating always, as they have taken it all in a positive light and used it to create a masterpiece which is more than what it was before. The Tintswalo Atlantic is now a luxury five-star boutique lodge right on a pebbled beach at the foot of the ocean, facing Table Mountain National Park. The award-winning property is blessed with panoramic views of the picturesque Hout Bay Harbour, dramatic Sentinel mountain peaks, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is so stunning there that I am even considering it as a wedding venue for myself for next year. It was not just a hotel, but a complete escape.

Saying goodbye to a place like this is always difficult because you wish you could stay there forever. However, the farewell ritual created by the owners after the fire gives a very special nostalgic feel to your departure. It is called the Tintswalo wish and guests are encouraged to wish for good things both for themselves and the establishment. This is done by taking a pebble from the beach provided by the staff and, closing your eyes, you throw it over your shoulder back onto the beach making your wish. I have a very special place for rocks in my heart as a mountaineer and explorer. So holding that piece of earth in my hands and thinking positive encouraging thoughts on one of the most beautiful stretches of rocky beach I have been fortunate enough to experience, was both a privilege and a memorable moment. This trip was one of my favourites and I look forward to visiting The Tintswalo Atlantic gain very soon.

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Written by Nicole Capper for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

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