The Luxurious W One Knightsbridge – Botox at its Best

July 20, 2018

W One Knightsbridge is in a fabulous location in the very heart of Central London – The Mandarin Oriental to the left and all the opulence this part of town offers.  So it was with genuine excitement that I entered the foyer of the cosmetic, aesthetic and wellness Clinic and was instantly greeted and whisked away upstairs to the penthouse.  An intimate and beautifully appointed outer sanctum with a stunning sofa to sit and discuss my expectations from.

The award winning clinic offers all kinds of treatments and procedures for both men and women…  From laser facials to intravenous drips, nutrition and detox plans to peels and from dermal fillers to botox, they are also now offering the brand new Mesotox – a combination of Mesotherapy, botox and hyaluronic acid to brighten, lighten and tighten!

I was there however, for a bout of botox and having had the procedure done before, I knew what to expect.  It’s always a little bit nerve wracking though, no matter how many times you’ve been botoxed, so after meeting the staff with their warmth and candour, their advice was very reassuring.  They freely shared their journey on the procedures that they had undertaken themselves, and I do not say this lightly – they did look amazing, so I knew that this was the place to make differences, and that was very exciting.

Dr Terry Loong is the Senior Aesthetic Doctor, Co Founder of W One and Medical Director.  This amazing woman ushered me in to her consulting room, and I could not take my eyes off her face.  She is the embodiment of what she prescribes, and when you meet her you will ask, as I did, what have you had done?!  Because whatever it is, I’d like the same, right here, right now.  Dr Terry is an Integrative Cosmetic and Skin Doctor, and that is her ethos, as she looks at the whole picture of my face.  After filling out my medical information, and discussing what she could do to augment my face, (and there is so much that Dr Terry can do with Botox), the magic began.

If you’re quite sure about what botox acutally is, this miracle treatment which removes wrinkles, is injected into the skin, inhibiting muscle movement and therefore smoothing out lines.  By relaxing the facial muscles, lines and wrinkles become far less prominent, by blocking the nerve signals.

After Dr Terry’s consultation, the first thing to be treated were my forehead lines, then the area at the top of my cheeks.  I was then told, to my surprise, that botox injections could also be used to assist my smile by applying at the corners of my mouth… as well as evening out the dimpling in my chin area.  Who knew this could be achieved with botox?  Dr Terry deftly traveled around my face, assessing and rechecking, looking at balance and structure.  It is quick and painless, and truly like being under the scrutiny of an artist, changing and making things just better.

So the results – within three days I could see the effects of my wonder treatment.  No dimpling of the chin at all, my resting face did not look down turned but just slightly tighter and higher, the forehead lines were gone but very importantly with movement still.  My whole face had been opened up and I look brighter.  Dr Terry Loong is a woman on a mission to help and enhance and she is most definitely is a force against nature!

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Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Sam Balshaw

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