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November 26, 2019

The New Nest Congress and Exhibition Centre: A Game Changer in the Global Exhibition Industry

Located in the heart of the 5-star hotel region of Belek, Antalya, the recently opened NEST International Convention Centre is one of the largest and most technologically advanced exhibition venues in the world.

The greatest and most impressive in Turkey, and indeed, one of the finest in the world, the new NEST Centre boasts more than 160,000 square feet of meeting space, making it ideal for national and international meetings and congresses. Offering endless opportunities for entertainment and exploration, NEST is idyllically located just steps from the glistening Mediterranean coastline and its picturesque beaches as well as some of the world’s finest golf courses.

Perfect for those seeking pleasure when the day’s business is concluded, there are a host of notable and attractive places to stay nearby. Eleven 5-star hotels (with a total bed capacity of 12,000) lie within walking distance, and thirty-eight 5-star hotels (with a total capacity of 36,000 beds) are less than 10 minutes by car.

NEST is conveniently located in proximity to the Antalya International Airport, which ranks among the top five worldwide in terms of growth in direct flights during the last decade. With approximately 88,000 aircraft landings, Antalya International Airport handled 15 million tourists in 2018. There are scheduled flights year-round from all European destinations, most of which are just a three- to four-hour flight; CIS nations are, on average, a four- to five-hour flight.

The space itself is incredibly impressive, offering the latest in technology along with a tremendous amount of spatial flexibility. Boasting a remarkable total of 160,000 square feet of indoor area, spanning two levels, and 54,000 square feet of expansive outdoor space, NEST is equipped for everything. On the first floor, large groups of up to an incredible 10,000 can book the capacious 65,000 square foot, pillar-free main hall, which can be conveniently converted into five distinctive segments. The sprawling space feels remarkable; in addition to its incredible size, it offers soaring 32-foot ceilings and a capacious 16,000 square foot foyer. The ground floor features an additional 24 workshop spaces with 13-foot-high ceilings, a meeting hall with a total area of 54,000 square feet, and an expansive and inviting 18,000 square foot foyer.

The Details:

Logistics: Both floors, including foyers and main halls as well as workshops accessible for trucks and heavy machinery. Multiple entries are available for all kind of events.

Technology: WIFI: 3GB multiple connections goes through building also with fibre optic cables inside the building, yielding a fast and powerful result.

Lighting: All meeting room light fixtures can be switched between standard white light to warm daylight depending on the purpose of the meeting, whether it be an exhibition or presentation. All lights can be controlled individually within an automation system and can give control to the organisation agency using an app which can be controlled from a phone or tablet.

Sound: All meeting rooms are equipped with speakers are by the brand L Acoustic, one of the finest in the world. Our unique system provides perfect acoustics and sound isolation simultaneously. All adjoining meeting rooms can be occupied at the same time with different meeting setups without any noise crossover.

Projection: NEST offers the latest LED Laser projections to all workshops as well as sound systems. All audio-visual control systems work on individual WIFI systems which the organising agency can control with a provided password. Up to 4k resolution, visuals can be transferred with sound on the system without any cables needed.

Exhibition Infrastructure: Both floors have been equipped with multiple connections of high voltage and normal voltage electric, data connections, water connection and discharge water drainage also pressurized air. NEST can provide each 430 square foot of 118,000 square foot area at both floors with these connections for exhibition stands. All connections are located under floor hatches.

Truss Hanging Points: NEST has 200 Truss hanging points at each level for technical equipment. On the Upper-Level Main Hall, each hook has a capacity of 750 kg and in the Lower Level Workshops, each hook has a capacity of 500kgs.

Kitchen: NEST offers a huge capacity kitchen which can serve 5.000 guests a sit-down gala dinner at the same time.

Flexibility: Both of the main halls and all of the workshops can be used with countless different meeting room setups since all walls can be changed and form different shapes and spaces freely. Visitors might even decide to open all the walls and create an exhibition area for all floors.

ECO Initiatives: NEST will provide solar panels on the more than 32,000 square foot area of the roof in order to contribute towards more sustainable energy solutions

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