The Proposal Of All Proposals

November 29, 2018

If you are planning to propose to the love of your life, you will want to make it an occasion you can both cherish for an eternity. If money is no object, you will want to go above and beyond to make it lavish and extravagant. From champagne to celebrity engagement rings, we have you covered. Read on for some inspiration.

The Ring

Of course, there is only one place to begin, and this is with the engagement ring itself. A good place to get some inspiration is by looking at celebrity engagement rings. Here are ten of the best…

10. Nicky Hilton – Nicky Hilton tied the knot in a lavish ceremony with long-time beau James Rothschild. He defintiely won her over with a striking Asscher-cut diamond ring.

9. Lady Gaga – Lady Gaga’s engagement ring symbolised love in every possible manner. Not only is the diamond heart shaped, but also the band features her and her partner’s initials with a love heart in the middle.

8. Jamie Chung – Jamie Chung’s engagement ring boasts a classic style with a slight twist, thanks to the double band. You can spot the round-cut diamond from a mile off thanks to the excellent cut.

7. Blake Lively – Ryan Reynolds proposed to the Gossip Girl star with a beautiful 12-carat oval-cut diamond ring.

6. Beyoncé – Jay-Z proved that he is most certainly crazy in love by presenting Beyoncé with a Lorraine Schwartz ring, which is worth an estimated $5 million, and features a flawless diamond and an incredible 20 carats.

5. Nicole Kidman – Estimated to be worth $50,000, Nicole Kidman’s Cartier ring is unique, as it does not feature one solitaire stone; it is a band of diamonds.

4. Victoria Beckham – The queen of fashion is rumoured to have as many as 13 different engagement rings, with a combined worth of approximately $6.5 million. When former footballer David first proposed, he did so with an elegant marquise-cut diamond on a yellow band.

3. Natalie Portman – Choreographer Benjamin Millepied proposed to Natalie Portman in 2010 with a Jamie Wolf Round-cut diamond ring, which is encased in a stunning halo setting with beautiful pave diamonds providing the perfect backdrop for the big diamond in the centre.

2. Kate Middleton – Sapphire rings have become a popular choice of engagement ring over the past few years, and no doubt we have Kate Middleton to thank for this. When Prince William proposed, he presented the love of his life with a blue sapphire ring, which previously belonged to Princess Diana. The sapphire stone is in a halo setting with 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding it. It’s believed to be worth more than $550,000.
1. Jennifer Aniston – Taking the top spot, it’s Jennifer Aniston. The Friend’s star got engaged to Justin Theroux in 2012, and how could she possibly refuse when he presented her with a striking emerald-cut solitaire ring that cost in the region of $500,000? Unfortunately, the relationship did not last, but we hope she kept the ring!

The Champagne

Almost as important as the ring is the champagne! If you want to pull out all of the stops, you will need a really good bottle of bubbly. Here are five of the most expensive bottles of champagne in the world…

Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck

First we have Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck, which will set you back a whopping $275,000. This champagne is vintage and was discovered approximately 18 years ago in 1997. At the time 200 bottles were found and there is an interesting tale behind their discovery. People believe that this champagne accidently fell from the vessel that was transporting it and therefore it was preserved at the bottom of the ocean. The taste of this champagne is simply exquisite. It’s something that simply cannot be done justice by words, yet to try it you may need to break the bank.

Pernod Ricard Perrier Jouet

Perhaps you fancy enjoying a bottle of Pernod Ricard Perrier Jouet whilst you are celebrating with your new finance? If so, you will need to spend $50,000. Nonetheless, this champagne does come in a pack of twelve and so you can be sure that you will have plenty of champagne on hand for the foreseeable future. One of the reasons why so many people are willing to pay top bucks for this champagne is because you can personalise it according to your taste, with some of the most exotic and high quality vintage liquors in Pernod Ricard Perrier Jouet. It’s definitely one of a kind.

Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam

You will struggle to find a more exotic and stylish champagne than this one. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because the taste is extremely smooth and delicate, making it a real crowd pleaser. Nonetheless, it certainly does not come cheap, as the White Gold Jeroboam bottle sold for $40,000 in an auction in 2005.

Krug 1928

If you want to enjoy a bottle of Krug 1928 then you will have to part with $21,000. However, those with this kind of money to spare say that it is certainly worth it. This is because Krug 1928 is actually created by using the world’s best variety of grapes. It has been popular for many generations now, with the first bottle being manufactured in 1938.

The Champagne Cristal Brut 1990

Last but not least, this champagne will set you back $17,625. The reason why the price is so high is because production is limited when it comes to this famous and elegant drink, which is known around the globe as Methuselah.

The Proposal

Finally, we cannot ignore the proposal itself. There are so many amazing options. Why not look up the cost to charter a private jet in the UK? This is certainly a lavish and extravagant proposal suggestion that will wow your partner and make her feel special. After all, is there anything more luxurious than being able to propose to your girlfriend while you’re both in the air, soaring over the UK and enjoying the privacy of your own jet? Of course, you could always switch it up and go for a yacht hire.

If this does not seem like your sort of thing, you may want to make it more of a personal proposal. For example, you could go back to your first date spot and propose there? Or, has there been somewhere that your partner has always wanted to visit? You could incorporate this into your proposal. The options are well and truly endless but it is vital to select something that your partner is going to like. If your other half is quiet and shy, proposing in a restaurant full of other people probably isn’t going to be their idea of fun! Think about what they like rather than planning a proposal you love.

So there you have it: our guide to planning the proposal of all proposals. From the most expensive champagnes in the world to celebrity engagement rings and show shopping proposal ideas, you have everything you need to guarantee your other half says yes!

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