The Rolls-Royce of Floor Cleaning from German Manufacturer Vorwerk

December 7, 2018

This is no joke, there’s really nothing quite like this on the market, it’s the best vacuum/floor mop I’ve ever experienced, it really is hard to put into words.

I absolutely loath spending money on boring practical home goods, tumble dryers, toasters, microwaves… All lacking in any kind of glamour or excitement, not so the Kobold SP600, is that a little sad? I’m not sure I’m bothered, it’s changed my life! We have a lot of footfall inner home, the kitchen and dining area are huge, with beautiful shiny cream porcelain tiles, but we have a dog, say no more! Dog lovers out there, and families with youngsters know the issue, especially at this time of year, with muddy paws! My beloved Kobold is an absolute lifesaver, I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. This gadget is perfect in every way, its sweeps as it washes, so it cuts your hard floor cleaning time in half, literally.

This electrical saint provides options, you have an attachment for carpets, that automatically adjust according to the thickness and depth of it, and the other attachment is for hard floors, it sweeps up the debris and washes at the same time. The washing system has three settings from  damp to very wet washing, and with the provided detergent does a Stirling job.

The SP600 can be used on a huge variety of hard floors, including parquet, laminate, tiles and stone floors.

Making mopping a thing of the past, the SP600 attachment for the Kobold VK200 uses 50% less water than traditional methods, and produces first-class results in a fraction of the time.

The Kobold SP600 is a must have for anyone looking to improve their cleaning routine. With its stunning design, it’s easy on the eye; and easy to use with a sleek LED display – taking the chore out of cleaning and saving on time too.



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