The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh – part of the Susan Reid Collection, Scotland

January 5, 2017

The Diageo Claive Vidiz Whisky Collection found its home at The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh in May 2009 and is the jewel in the crown of our tour and tasting experiences. Every visitor to one of our tours has the opportunity to view the stunning Collection, drinking in the amber glow from 3,384 bottles of golden spirit.

In the 1970’s, Claive Vidiz, a whisky enthusiast in Sao Paulo, Brazil and founder member of the Brazilian Association of Whisky Collectors, started to seek out and purchase Scotch whisky of varying type, cost and rarity. He amassed almost 3,500 bottles over 35 years. In October 2006 The Collection was purchased by Scotch whisky distiller, Diageo. When Diageo brought the Claive Vidiz Collection home to Scotland, it was with a commitment to preserve the legacy, the passion with which it was collected and to share it with an international audience. It was decided that this would be best achieved by locating it here at The Scotch Whisky Experience in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.

One of the most unique aspects of this collection was Claive’s desire to collect as wide a range of whisky as possible, from the most accessible to the rarest including eccentric and unusual items. Having been preserved in its entirety we have an invaluable insight into the recent history and branding of Scotch whisky; a unique “snapshot” of 35 years of the Scotch whisky industry. Hiding amongst the collection are some unusual bottlings for younger visitors to spot…two Scottie dogs, monks, a bull, books, a seal an eagle and many more all containing Scotch whisky.

For Edinburgh’s ultimate, intimate dining experience for a maximum of 10 guests, we offer a five course luxury menu to be enjoyed by the amber lights of the world’s largest collection of Scotch whisky. All diners can be welcomed beforehand in our stunningly modern McIntyre Gallery. We also offer a gift of an Engraved Crystal tasting glass for each of your guests when booking small group dining in the World’s Largest Whisky Collection. Available for up to 10 guests. Please use the code  SRCSWE17 to qualify for the special promotion.

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