The T3 Cura Ionair – Simply the Best Hairdryer You Can Get

July 11, 2018

Hairdryers are not just for Christmas – they should be for life!  The dreamy new T3 Cura has just launched along with the Cura Luxe and they are something else!  Ever wondered why you can never get that salon look at home when your favourite hair stylist can do it effortlessly?  The answer lies in the hairdryer they use and it’s fair to say that if you’re paying somewhere between £20-£30 on your dryer, then you definitely aren’t getting the best results.

Yes, the T3 Cura costs more than most hair dryers (£195 for the Cura and £235 for the Cura Luxe), but it fits into the luxury styling bracket along with the Dyson and GHD dryers on the market… The T3 Cura however, works differently, with digital ion air technology which is innovative and intelligent.

With heat being digitally controlled, combined with a wider air stream which is gentler while drying hair faster, it diffuses air evenly, allowing you to dry bigger sections of hair than you’ll be used to drying.  The built-in ion generator works to smooth out the hair cuticle so you get salon style hair with out the frizz which is silky and strengthened.

The award winning T3 Cura has digital push buttons for ease of use, along with three precise heat settings, two speed settings (the only two you need – fast and slow!), and a lock in cool shot for extra blasts of shine.  The T3 Cura also comes with a drying concentrator nozzle and styling concentrator nozzle which both clip on easily, but don’t fall off.  To detach, you simply need to apply pressure downwards and the nozzle will loosen.

Aesthetically, I think the Cura is the most beautiful dryer on the market!  The stunning white case with rose gold detail is just so stylish and pretty.  It LOOKS expensive, and not only that, it’s also ergonomic, lightweight, won’t heat up and burn your hands and is also quieter than most hairdryers too.

With a two year warranty and a 9ft cord so you can dry your hair in front of a mirror without being up against the nearest plug, you’ll be amazed at how much drying time is decreased, because, let’s face it, if you dry your hair every day, that’s hours and hours each week that you could really be doing something else with!

The Cura Luxe which comes in sleek black, offers five heat settings as well as a brilliant feature – the intelligent auto pause sensor.  This means if you dry your hair in sections, the Cura Luxe will auto pause when you put it down and come straight back on when you pick it back up to resume drying.

If you’re not usually one to splash out on expensive appliances, the T3 Cura will change your mind as soon as you start drying.  Long gone are those days when you used to smell your hair burning, the hair dryer completely cutting out because its gotten too hot, or even worse, getting your hair trapped in the motor!

A sound investment, put simply, once you pick up a T3 Cura, you’ll never look back!

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield



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