The Test Kitchen, Soho – You Absolutely Have to Try it

July 11, 2017

Luxuria Lifestyle as you can imagine, gets to eat out quite a lot.  Often we get to meet the chefs who deliver these delicious mouthwatering dishes to our tables, but rarely do we get to meet those chefs that really stand out from the crowd for both charisma and culinary enchantment…  Adam Simmonds is one of those guys and he’s the main reason you need to get down to Soho’s The Test Kitchen asap.

Test Kitchen
Adam Simmonds

I say the main reason because there are plenty of reasons!  If you haven’t heard of the Test Kitchen, then let me just quickly fill you in on the general premise.  Ahead of the grand opening of Adam Simmonds brand new restaurant next year, he’s taken over what used to be Barrafina to, in effect ‘test’ out his dishes on willing participants!  The long counter with bar stools is the perfect place to check out the magic going on between Adam and his fellow chefs – Russell will definitely keep you entertained, and Finn at Front of House is guaranteed to make you feel most welcome!

So what kind of dishes can you expect?  Well they’re all pretty special and definitely unlike anything I’ve had before!  We recommend you order around four or five plates and share them so you get to taste the sheer amazingness of it all.  Each dish is more beautiful than the previous, so much so, that you’re guaranteed to look at it longer than it takes you to eat it.  Check out their instagram @the_testkitchenuk if you need further persuasion!

Test Kitchen
White Asparagus, Linzer Potatoes & Caviar

With an innovative menu which constantly changes (no two nights are quite the same), we visited when there was the chance to ‘test’ out the Salt Baked Swede with goats cheese (£7.50) topped with blackberries and surrounded by tasty cocoa nibbs.  We were wowed straight away.  Until we tried the creamy White Asparagus (£7.00) with crisp Linzer potatoes and dotted with delicate caviar.  I would never ever normally order a dish without meat, but I couldn’t believe how tasty these veggie dishes were.  Quite incredible.

My friends and I quickly discovered that the key to enjoying The Test Kitchen to the max, is to go with it and order all of the things you’d never normally dream of trying.  The Cured Red Mullet for example (£13) – light and delicately flavoured, making way for some serious punch from the green tomatoes which gave this dish its amazing colour.  The slight tartness, was balanced perfectly with fresh almonds.

Test Kitchen
Lamb, Salsify, King Oyster, Pickled Shallot & Milk Skin

My favourite dish of the night had to be the Lamb with salsify (which is actually a bit like parsnip, white, fleshy and ever so slightly reminiscent of oysters), King oyster mushrooms, pickled shallot and milk skin.  The lamb as we’d expected, was amazing, with so many different colours, flavours and textures all on one plate – it’s one dish you definitely have to try.

Test Kitchen
Strawberry Garriguette

Make sure you leave room for dessert.  We shared a few and were surprised at just how tasty the Yeast Parfait with lychee and puffed rice was!  Our favourite though, had to be the Gariguette strawberries (which are bright scarlet and so full of aromatic flavour!) served with pureed red pepper – a great combo!

We ate all our dishes whilst chatting with the team and supping on a sparkling Marie Demets Champagne Brut – to get the best out of your experience, we’d totally suggest you do the same!  Testament to the brilliance of the Test Kitchen, a friend we were with was straight back there the next day to do it all again.  Make sure you take part in this fun foodie experiment before Adam sets up his permanent residence and Luxuria Lifestyle take on squatter status…

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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