The ultimate Rebus christmas gift guide

November 15, 2017

Us girls love a little personalised gift, it shows a lot of thought has gone into it, combine that idea with a stunning piece of jewellery, well you can’t really go too far wrong. Rebus Signet Rings offer this service, engravable jewellery, either with your initials, a memorable sentimental date, a family crest or motif, the in-house designers will help and advise you, bespoke jewellery really is the way to anyones heart.  The engraving can be on either side of the pendant, back or front, you simply have to decide exactly how you wish to personalise it, and for the man in your life a stylish signet ring could be the answer to all of your gifting problems.

The pendants are crafted in either 9ct or 18ct yellow or white gold, or silver. The chic pendants can come with a contrasting border of beautiful pavé diamonds or just plain and will take your look from day to night, you also have a choice of chain styles and lengths. We are loving the 24″ medium trace chain coupled with the oval pendant with the pavé diamond border, it hangs long, is delicate and classy and with intertwined initials on the back it makes a stunning gift.

The pendant are available in several different shapes, as are the rings and in different colour golds, white or yellow, and silver. The signet rings are stunning chunky and masculine for the men and a bit more delicate for the women, the signet rings are a wonderful idea for the discerning gentlemen particularly, the family crest or initials stylishly designed enhances the pieces beautifully. If your man doesn’t wear rings he’s bound to need a pair of beautifully created cufflinks, to compliment that special business or evening shirt. All of the Rebus pieces are not only individually designed, but they are presented in luxurious jewellery boxes in which to keep them safe.


Here are the engraving styles

Deep seal engraving

Traditional deep seal engraving is created by carving your design deeply into the metal, hand engraving in reverse. As pendants can’t be used for making wax impressions, you may prefer to have your seal engraved using your design as it is seen on paper, i.e. not in reverse, you will need to make this clear by using the comment box found in your shopping bag.

Surface cut engraving

As with seal engraving, surface engraving is produced by hand, using handheld gravers that are push through the precious metal. Unlike seal engraving, they do not carve deeply into the metal – instead, a design is created by cutting hundreds of lines of varying widths and depths until the design comes to life. This method is ideal for pendants, as they do not undergo the same wear as signet rings.

Engraved message on the back

In addition, why not have a unique message or symbol hand engraved on the back of the pendant.

The Rebus team is made up of highly trained engravers who begin work as teenagers on apprenticeship with Goldsmiths, where they train for five years before mastering their skills in the work place. Traditional and personally practised styles are developed at their work benches, where they spend hundreds of hours perfecting the skill required to help create superb fine pieces of personalised jewellery.

The most impressive thing about Rebus is the high quality and attention to detail. The pieces are lovingly designed, tailored to your own specific request.

renowned for creating hand-engraved bespoke signet rings out of their workshop in Hatton Garden, crafting unique designs using traditional techniques and tools. The skills of the award-winning craftsmen are demonstrated through the intricate, custom-made designs they create on such a small surface area. Anything can be engraved from family crests to monograms, and personal designs, offering a truly one-off gift for men or women. As well as their signet rings, Rebus also creates cufflinks and pendants which can also be engraved, for a Christmas gifts for loved one that will last a lifetime.

The products

Sheild Pendants

While Rebus is renowned for its signature bespoke signet rings, they also create hand-crafted pendants in a variety of designs and metals. The hinged shield pendants are available in either a solid yellow or white gold, with the option of diamonds set at the edge. The pendant can also be customised with any design on the front or a secret engraving on the reverse, making it a truly personal gift. Shield pendants from £625.

Stone Pendants

Rebus has a range of pendants crafted from semi-precious stones, set in either a 18ct or 9ct yellow gold. Each stone has a different meaning, rich with its own history and the stone set is completely unique each time. Like the shield pendants, these can also be personalised with an engraving on the front or on the reverse. The chain length options for both necklaces are a 16-inch, 18-inch and 20-inch fine trace chain, or 22-inch and 24-inch medium trace chain. Stone-set pendants prices from £330.

Bespoke Signet Rings

The classic signet ring with a bespoke design is what Rebus is most renowned for. With the option to engrave onto platinum, silver, 9-carat, 14-carat and 18-carat gold in yellow, rose or white, the signet ring is completely unique and personalised. Have your family crest, monogram or own individual design hand-engraved onto its smooth face by one of the award-winning team, creating a one-of-kind piece of timeless jewellery. Prices range from £240 to £3,150.

For more information visit Rebus Signet Rings or email for sales enquiries.

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