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December 6, 2019

The unveiling of Aston Martins First SUV – The DBX

The excitement has been tangible ahead of the launch of Aston Martins very first SUV – the DBX. This Aston Martin is a brand synonymous with refined luxury, James Bond and is seen as a symbol of class and success. There were questions surrounding the space in the interior of this vehicle seeing as Aston Martin has a background in sports cars. Aston Martin has been delayed in their entry into the SUV market, but this seems to be with good cause. A five-year planning stage has yielded a worthy rival to the Bentley, Bentayga Speed and Lamborghini Urus. We were interested to see whether this SUV would live up to promises. Indeed it does with a 3m wheelbase and ample interior room to fit not only the tall individuals, such as myself. I fitted my 1.8m frame into the front and back with ease and can see this as an appropriate luxury family vehicle. This car shares the same engine as the Vantage and the DB 11 producing 542 horsepower.

Aston Martin chose the colour combination very intuitively for this launch and journalists were discussing the expected colour choice to be dark or perhaps red as on their branding or silver or orange as seen on the many Instagram GIFS that are already loaded and waiting on social platforms. Instead, we were surprised by the Morning Frost White exterior complemented by the Chancellor Red interior. This gave a very universal appeal with the interior slightly masculine and the exterior slightly feminine. Seeing that the South African SUV market has a large percentage of female buyers this was a very good choice and also shows off the curves of this magnificent vehicle.
Justin Divaris, CEO of Daytona, said “The newly launched DBX is currently on display in the Aston Martin Johannesburg showroom before it is moved to Aston Martin Cape Town. I encourage everyone to come and see it, DBX truly is the most beautiful SUV in the market and showcases the sophistication of Aston Martin’s modern design language and its commitment to delivering class-leading dynamics.”

The amount of optional features on this vehicle has placed it in a category of luxury adventure where the vehicle is the perfect combination of red carpet glamour, refined luxury and adventure lifestyle. Everything from a dog hose to take your four-legged friends along for the ride to a wet goods space where you can place adventure gear to dry out during your trip home from the mountains or whatever excursion you have been on in your DBX SUV.

Furthermore, after two years of meticulous planning, the veil has been lifted on Aston Martin’s brand new 1,217m² South African dealership, Aston Martin Johannesburg. The new facility signifies the importance of the South African market for Aston Martin.

Philip Eaglesfield, Aston Martin Regional President – UK & SA, said: “As a business, we are working to future proof our business structure and part of that is responding to the growing emphasis on experiential luxury. When we refreshed the Company’s Corporate Identity in 2018, we wanted to ensure that customers could access a relaxed but sophisticated environment. The development in Johannesburg has achieved our brand vision of providing a space to explore and connect with the brand, but remains unique, relevant to the market in South Africa and instantly recognisable in its own right.”

This was a luxurious affair for journalists and can be considered a stellar success for Aston Martin and Daytona South Africa. One would not consider it a showroom, rather an immersive experience for prospective car buyers. From their Naked coffee shop to their rambling lounge areas and a full glass fronted vehicle service bay, this venue was the perfect location to reveal the DBX to the South African market. This car has been in almost five years of planning and has had the longest planning phase in Aston Martin’s 106-year history, according to Eaglesfield. They literally picked apart this vehicle from top to bottom to refine it and make sure that it satisfied all the needs of prospective SUV buyers in the luxury segment.

This landmark dealership will be open from Thursday the 5th of December.

Written By Nicole Capper for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

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