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November 22, 2017

Simplicity and exclusivity -A winning blend for a unique wine service

If you have a nose for fine wine and want to impress with the latest grape at a dinner party, but don’t want the hassle of having to trawl the shelves for something special, then The Wine Beagle is the service for you. Focussed on finding wines from undiscovered producers that are uncompromised in quality and ultimately taste, the Wine Beagle can really sniff out a contemporary wine that packs a punch, and all without the traditional merchant mark-up when it comes to price.

Quite simply, how it works is that Jamie and his team frequently travel to the iconic wine regions across Europe, but focus entirely on the local and less well- known producers, where they know they can find something that no one else in the UK will be selling. Moreover, the producers are often family ran with a genuine passion for the wines they produce. And of course this translates into their final product. Such a curated approach appeals to Jamie’s wine loving customers, at a time when they are overwhelmed by choice.

The unique service provided by the Wine Beagle is not like that of other wine merchants – in fact Jamie, the owner, refers to his business more as an online village wine shop but without the overheads of bricks and mortar. The Wine Beagle provides valuable and insightful knowledge about the chosen wine on offer and encourages its’ customers to get out of their comfort zone and try different wines from producers whom they may not have heard of before. They pride themselves on not offering a bamboozling number of options, but instead quality wines that they think are particularly brilliant that they then import based on genuine demand.

The prices The Wine Beagle can offer also reflects this lean business model and hence are lower than traditional merchants, as not only do they import directly, based on orders received, they also have no warehouse storage costs as the wines are then shipped directly to the customer.

Part of the appeal for the Wine Beagle’s very loyal customer base, is that they know they are going to receive something special from a wine expert but the element of surprise in terms of pinot or a sauvignon is the exciting part. Mark C- S, who’s been using the service since it launched in 2015 said, “Why would I pay for warehouse storage, ridiculous marketing spend and exorbitant back office costs when buying my wine, if I can let a Beagle sniff out a jewel of a parcel and send it straight to me? An excellent business model ensures exceptional quality at every price point and I love it.”

Jamie said, ‘After 15 years in the wine trade with time spent at Majestic and more latterly as a buyer at an online merchant, I was inspired to launch the Wine Beagle as fundamentally believe that many wine lovers are stuck in a rut with their usual tipple and often stick to what they know, but there are so many wonderful undiscovered wines out there I wanted to bring these to the dining room tables across the UK/ in Surrey (this would be updated for each regional title as appropriate) for them to be enjoyed without my customers going through the hassle of finding them or paying over the top prices.”

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