The Wolf Jewellery box, a Perfect Luxury Christmas Gift

October 31, 2017

For all those ladies out there who cherish their jewelery and the gentlemen who are struggling to find the perfect gift, stress no more! Here it is, the most splendid idea, a jewellery box, but not just any old jewelery box.

WOLF are creators of stunningly designed chic jewellery boxes, in which you can store your most precious pieces. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality, as are the materials used.  The Marakesh box is a studded piece of Moroccan influenced artwork, as you run your fingers over the fine leather it screams luxury and as you open the box the inside is as impressive as the outside and rightly so, as this is where your jewels will be house, in an organised and secure cushioned home.

The Marrakesh range features a myriad of intricately placed gold studs. Each piece is finished with gold accents and the patented LusterLoc™ anti-tarnish lining making the Marrakesh Collection an elegant storage solution for both home and travel.  The Marrakesh jewellery box is available in black, which is very chic, but equally the cream option is extremely sophisticated.

All of the WOLF products are delivered and presented beautifully, the jewellery box arrived in a solid smart black card box, lovingly ensconced in a protective sleeve.

To see the whole range of stunning jewellery boxes please click here.

WOLF are makers of an extensive range of Jewellery boxes, travel cases, jewellery rolls, stackable watch trays and jewellery trays. Let’s not forget the men, the jewellery boxes for men are particularly smart, and there are a selection of business card cases, manicure sets and cufflink boxes. WOLF are particularly renowned for their watch boxes and watch winder cases, perfect for storing your watches, when you’re not wearing them, keeping them safe and secure.


Simon Philip Wolf’s apprenticeship started early, barely out of his teens, his father, Philip Wolf IV guided him every step of the way, laying down a foundation of knowledge that had been passed to him by his father and that is invaluable to Simon who leads the company today with a clear vision and a desire to be the very best.


A company is a reflection of the people who work for it. They are a multi-cultural, thoughtful, hardworking team, and family. Together, they make up the heart of WOLF’s family business.


With each generation, they became an even more unique company. Strong traditions and ethics passed down from one generation to the next. Instilling a sense of pride at the achievements that they all have made in this family led business, a business that has become a family.


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