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June 11, 2019

The World’s Only Female Super Car Rally: Starr Luxury Cars Perspective

What brings 80 of the most influential inspiring women together from the worlds of music, film, fashion and business to raise money for women solidarity?

Cash & Rocket is the world’s only female-only super car rally which has raised $4.5 million since its launch seven years ago for women-focused charities such as The Helen Bamber Foundation, Sumbandila and Dream for Africa Foundation.

This year’s Cash & Rocket rally, which took 80 women in 40 super cars from London-Paris-Geneva-Monte Carlo, has culminated in a final evening’s celebration bash last night held at the yacht club in Monaco.

The pre-launch party was a glitzy black and white masquerade ball held at the epic Victoria & Albert Museum where billionaire philanthropists, royalty and celebrities rubbed shoulders.

This year’s influential ladies included Paris Hilton, Caroline Stanbury, Chloe Green, Amy Jackson, Zara Martin, Jodie Kidd and Selita Ebanks and many other heiresses, philanthropists, and successful businesswomen.

With brands such as Bentley, David Morris, Michael Kors, BMW, and Julien MacDonald (to name a few), eager to be associated with this “drive for change” mission, Cash & Rocket has been featured in everything from the Financial Times How to Spend It to Evening Standard Insider.

We wanted to get our own “insider” to share how one caters to such influential powerful women and why it is such an important platform to put women in the drivers seat, so to speak, and have them lead the way in giving a voice, equal opportunities and greater education to underprivileged women all over the world.

We sat down with Cash & Rocket partner Ikenna Ordor, founder of Starr Luxury Cars  to find out what really happens behind the scenes, which female celebrity drove which car and why, and what it takes to become to go-to man for luxury requests.

With celebrity clientele such as French Montana, Pixie Lott, Swiss Beatz, Harry and Jamie Redknapp, Cassie and The Martinez Brothers, Starr Luxury Cars is a disruptive start-up and the leading the international luxury car hire company in the market, creating a luxurious lifestyle community and the words largest collection of luxury and supercars available directly to clients.

JP: What cars did you give to which women and why?
IO: We gave a Mercedes G63 to Paris – a one of a kind cherry red G wagon. It’s completely unique and stands out on the road, so we thought it a perfect match for the Hilton heiress. I remember Paris in the Simple Life show, road tripping with Nicole Ritchie and just having a lot of fun. It was the perfect match. We also gave a Bentley GT convertible to Michael Kors. The synergy between brand heritage and luxury being a natural choice which fit impeccably.

JP: Why do you think Cash & Rocket is such a successful concept and why did Starr Luxury Cars want to be part of it?
IO: I strongly believe in the power of women and advocate female empowerment, especially as I now have a daughter. I want her to know that she can do anything and that she is not defined, nor limited by, gender. I was raised by a strong woman, my mother, who raised 7 of us on her own. She worked hard to put us in boarding school and bring us to the UK and is a successful businesswoman in her own right. Other than that, I found the idea of women in big, fast cars quite intriguing as we typically associate them with men.

JP: What are some of the interesting requests you received from the women this year?
IO: There were 80 women participating – of course there was bound to be a request or two. Some were reasonable and others completely outrageous. Either way, we deliver. It’s the Starr Luxury Cars way.

JP: What is the craziest thing you have ever done for a VIP client?
IO: We have a very affluent female client whom only drives in gold vehicles so we had to create a custom gold wrap for a 3 hour journey.

JP: What is the most expensive car Starr Luxury Cars has access to? And the rarest?
IO: The Bugatti Veyron. We are expecting a Bugatti Chiron later this year which will no doubt eclipse the Veyron in price. The rarest car in our fleet is a 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom 11 Continental by Barker – only 10 ever made! The James Bond Spector, a limited edition Land Rover Defender, is not as rare, but is still pretty unique and definitely scores high in ‘cool’ points.

JP: What other kinds of requests do you get from VIP clients?
IO: A lot of private jet requests – so much so that we’ll soon be adding this as a service.

JP: How much is the most expensive car hire and what about a standard request with driver – what are the rates?
IO: We provide Lamborghini Aventadors for around £6000 for the weekend. Entry level chauffer service is a Mercedes S class at £600 for 10 hours. Higher end chauffer rates start at £1500 for 10 hours in a Rolls Royce.

JP: Does Starr Luxury Cars organise classic cars and if yes, which ones?
IO: Yes, we organise classic cars for wedding hire – 1960 or 1963 silver Rolls Royce Cloud. We have great relationships with collectors and can access rare classics for true car enthusiasts as well as experience days.

JP: What sets Starr Luxury Cars apart from other car service companies and how did the Cash & Rocket alliance come about?
IO: Customer service. We have a 24/7 concierge that is unrivalled. We go the extra mile for our clients and have both high customer satisfaction and retention as a result. In terms of the rally, the founder Julie Brangstrup contacted me directly. She wanted to pair Paris with the right sponsor and of course, Starr Luxury Cars was a perfect fit.

JP: How many of your clients are women/men?
IO: Initially the ratio was small, around 10% women. But over the last few years we’ve seen a steady increase in female clientele. Cash & Rocket Rally really shines a light on women in the automotive space – from drivers, to suppliers and general enthusiasts alike. It’s clear from this event that women love cars as much as men do.

JP: Do you think women are requesting more super cars these days and why do you think that is?
IO: Definitely. There are more women in powerful roles and they feel confident enough to express their power, wealth and status in the same way men do. And why shouldn’t they?

JP: What was the final party at the Monaco yacht club like? Can you share any celeb stories?
IO: The final party was an opportunity for the girls to really let their hair down. They’d been teetotal for 4 days whilst driving so it was a real celebration. Jackie Cruz performed and Chloe Green hosted the after party at Sass Café. It was a great way to end the event, and to top it off, we exceeded our donations target.

JP: Do you think more people will request electric cars in future?
IO: 100%. People are definitely more eco conscious and this will only increase as natural resources reduce. We are already seeing more requests for hybrid vehicles and with time, I’m confident there will be a natural shift towards electric cars.

JP: Do you get requests for Tesla?
Of course – the Tesla Model X P100D being the most popular request.

JP: What is the most popular model of car choice?
IO: Range Rover vogue or sports

Written by Jessica Patterson for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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