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September 6, 2019

There is nothing more important than a peaceful sleep and Swedish bed maker Hästens

Hästens have been striving to give others the joy of perfect the art of sleep since 1852. With a rich history going back six generations, Hastens has made it it’s a goal to help people sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It may come as a surprise to find out that the family-owned company began as saddlers in the 19th Century and the team of artisans have used their traditional techniques and skills in order to engineer their unique and world-renowned bedding.

All of Hästens carefully handmade and crafted works are a direct reflection of the company’s ideology of the ‘Spirit of Excellence’. This belief lies in the connection between the craftsmen and the bed, and it is this passion and spirit that has allowed Hästens to produce beds of unrivalled quality over the decades. The brand has cemented themselves as one of the most luxurious bed makers in the world by their stamp of approval by the Swedish Royal Court by King Gustav VI in 1952, an honour and privilege that Hästens still enjoys today.

Hästens seeks to only use the finest all-natural materials for their beds. Sustainably produced and ethically sourced, Hästens uses only what they consider to be the finest natural materials to ensure the most regenerating sleep possible. Hästens most beloved material is the humble horsehair, in which every strand works as a tiny spring to provide the ultimate support and flexibility. Complete with its own ventilation system, the horsehair acts as a miniature airway, channelling away moisture and allowing fresh air in.

Cotton is frequented in Hästens bedding as it provides breathability and comfort and is the perfect companion to horsehair. Wool is used in the bedding as it keeps warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm, making it the perfect natural material to support a night of healthy sleep. Flax with its durability and flexibility is an understated natural material that diverts static electricity. This stops the body from overcharging which allows people to relax and better unwind, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Always looking to find new ways to create the ultimate sleep sanctuary, Hästens frequently collaborates with iconic designers that share the same passion for perfecting sleep. Hästens collaboration with Swedish haute couture designer Lars to create a reinterpretation of the Hästens iconic blue check inspired by English gardens resulting in the effortlessly chic

Lutyens Iris and Daisy Iris bedding sets

Launched earlier this year, the Ilse Crawford collaboration was born from a shared passion for design that promotes wellbeing. Designed exclusively for the Hästens bedding collection, Crawford’s distinctive style can be seen in her reimagining of Hästens bed linen and headboard slipcovers.

Hästens Satin Pure collection offers luxurious comfort in the form of satin bed linen. Including twenty-two subtle and monochromatic shades, the Satin Pure collection is available as pillowcases, down quilt covers with buttons, flat sheets and fitted sheets and will ensure a snug sleep and a chic sleeping environment.

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