Top Luxurious Casino Resorts in the UK

September 23, 2018

Gaming is not only supposed to be profitable, it also needs to be fun and at the same time comfortable. It is for this reason that land-based casinos still reign supreme over online casinos as they manage to offer five-star hospitality that cannot be offered online. While many online casinos such as Casino NetBet have tried to cover the gap with their top class live gaming sections, land-based casinos still attract thousands of players owing to their majestic grandeur. In this article, we share with you the top luxurious casino resorts that you will find in the UK.

Les Ambassadeurs Club

Les Ambassadeurs Club or as it is affectionately known by Londoners Les A is one of the most luxurious casino resorts in the UK. Architectural brilliance characterises this resort both from the outside and also from the interior. Due to its magnificent gambling facilities as well as rich gambling history, Les A attracts only the crème of society as well as professional gamblers. It is normal to meet, mix and mingle with the playboys, politicians, millionaires as well as Royals at this beautiful casino resort. When it comes to the games on offer, Les A does not disappoint as it offers virtually any casino game that players may think of from slot machines, roulette wheels, poker and blackjack tables to scratch cards. The beauty of Les A is that it’s always open 24/7, therefore, anyone looking to enjoy some quality time on the gaming floor can come at any moment.

The Ritz London

The Ritz London located just 500 yards from Buckingham Palace is another great casino resort in the UK. This casino resort attracts both locals as well as foreigners some of whom visit to solely experience the Ritz London Casino. Inside the casino, players will find hundreds of slots machines from classic games to the modern video slots. There are also numerous tables for those that love battling it out on the table. In addition to having an exquisite casino, The Ritz London also has on offer a bar, a lounge, fitness centre, conference space, business centre, and outdoor garden facilities.

The May Fair

Located right in the middle of the Central Business District is The May Fair Hotel and Casino Resort. Due to its location, The May Fair casino on most occasions sees an almost equal number of locals as well as foreigners playing the over 500 casino games on offer. These games include table and card games, slot machines, scratchcards as well as the lottery. One beautiful thing about this casino is that players receive free sparkling wine and cocktails as they outsmart each other on the gaming tables or as they spin the reels of the hundreds of slot machines on offer. Besides the casino, The May Fair also has on offer a restaurant that serves exotic cuisine, numerous spa treatment rooms, a conference space, a lounge and a bar that sells local as well as foreign drinks.

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