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April 20, 2020

Top Tips on How You Can Decorate Your Bathroom to Achieve Luxury

When it comes to decorating the home, lots of people tend to overlook the bathroom, seeing it is merely a functional space. But a bathroom is not simply somewhere to wash and relieve ourselves, it is also where we go to relax and unwind with a hot candlelit bath at the end of the day, or where we pamper, groom and reinvigorate ourselves before heading out for an important event. Time in the bathroom bookends each and every day of our lives, and if cleanliness really is close to godliness, we think bathrooms should be treated with the consideration they really deserve when it comes to decorating your home.

Today, we will discuss some top tips on how you can give your bathroom a truly luxurious look. From choosing an overall theme to alternative options for tiles and flooring for bathrooms, we aim to provide some valuable food for thought when it comes to reimagining this often neglected space.

Choose a theme

When looking to decorate your bathroom, we recommend you do your homework first. These days, there is a wealth of inspiration available online, and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram will provide endless examples of beautiful bathroom décor in a variety of luxurious and high-end styles. Use this research to pick an overall theme for your project. Be it Victorian grandeur, or zen minimalism, you can then make all subsequent decisions for accessories, colours and art by referring back to this overarching theme.

Tiles and Flooring

Many people see the tiles and laminate flooring in most bathrooms as obstacles when it comes to changing the look and feel of the space, and in many ways they are. But changing them is not as difficult or expensive as you might think, and a very effective way to make a big difference in your quest for a luxury look. Tiles can be removed and replaced in an afternoon by those with a few simple tools and basic DIY capabilities, and there is an incredible range of colourful, patterned tiles available today that can transform your functional bathroom into a stunning spa-like haven. Another fantastic option is luxury laminate flooring. Wooden laminate, in particular, can have a very dramatic effect and is available in a range of colour and finishes, all of which are water-resistant and wipe clean. Click laminate makes this type of flooring surprisingly easy to install yourself if needs be, and its durability and longevity more than offset any greater initial cost – especially given its powerful ability to up the luxury rating of your bathroom in one move.

Add Some Accessories

Our final tip for achieving a luxury finish when decorating your bathroom is to choose your decorations carefully. In addition to choosing quality towels to match your bathroom’s new colour theme, consider some minimalist candle stands and abstract for your modern chic bathroom, or an ornate, guilt-edged mirror and hanging plants to finish off the 19th Century splendour. But whatever your theme, make sure you don’t go wild and add too many accessories as this can easily make your bathroom look cluttered.

Good luck

There are a lot of practical and aesthetic considerations for those who want to achieve a luxury finish in the bathroom, but we hope we’ve given you a great start in this article and wish you happy decorating!

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