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April 3, 2019

Uncover the goldmine in your garage or get behind the wheel without owning a ride with Turo

The car-sharing platform that’s revolutionising the economics of car ownership and travel

Is your car gathering dust in your garage or are you feeling the strain of not owning your own pair of wheels? Cue Turo, the car-sharing marketplace that’s re-imagining the way we use vehicles through a unique peer-to-peer marketplace.

Get into the driving seat

Drivers up and down the UK can take their pick from over 2,000 cars, ranging from an eco-friendly Tesla and reliable Range Rover to a shiny Porsche, classic MG or old-school Mini.

You have the freedom to hire vehicles as and when you please without taking on the cost of owning, insuring or paying-off steep instalments. Also, unlike regular hire cars, the rides on Turo are brimming with character, turning ordinary trips into unique adventures.

Be it to embark on a road trip to the Lake District, impress a date, pack-up the family for a weekend break or simply do a big shop, there’s a car fit for every journey. Cars are available for a minimum of one day at competitive prices, such as an Audi TT Roadster for £47/day, Audi A3 for £26/day, Mini Cooper for £24/day.

Further prices for luxury car hire:

Land Rover Defender – £290 per day
Jaguar E-Type: £350 per day
Austin Healey 3000 – £395 per day
Rolls Royce Corniche – £395 per day
Mercedes Benz S-Class – £170 per day
Land Rover – £209 per day

If you’re road-tripping abroad, you can also check out over 350,000 listed vehicles in 38 countries, including the USA, Germany and Canada.

The goldmine in your garage

What’s more, car owners with rides sitting idle can share them out on the platform and top-up their bank balance doing so. Hosts earn 75% of the trip price and earnings are paid to the host 30 minutes after the trip ends. The average host earns £130 per trip, and more than £500 a month.

Indeed, there could be a goldmine in your garage if you’re housing a Ford Fiesta (£34 / day), Mercedes C-Class (£79 / day) or Volkswagen Golf (£52 / day). Each and every vehicle benefits from fully comprehensive insurance cover provided by Allianz for any eventuality.

Putting the earning potential into perspective, if an owner shares their car five days a month, they would earn approximately £7,800 a year; enough to cover typical repayments, road tax and insurance.

Whether you’re a host or a guest, there’s the peace of mind knowing that you are helping put the world’s one billion cars to better use. To qualify, you just need to own a car purchased since 2008.

What could you earn from your car per trip with Turo:

Ford Fiesta – £102
Volkswagen Golf – £156
Nissan Qashqai – £165
Ford Focus – £123
Volkswagen Polo – £135
MINI Cooper- £153
Ford Galaxy – £276
Mercedes C-Class – £237
BMW 1 Series – £171
Audi A3 – £165
Jeep Wrangler – £375
Audi TT – £186
Audi A5 – £210

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