Unistella – Presents Fashion-Forward Nail Artistry and Then Some!

March 30, 2018

If you are into fashion, nail art, or you have spent some time on Instagram you have probably seen one of Park Eunkyung’s nail designs whether you know it or not. Park is a genius nail artist with over 15 years’ experience in the industry, an army of followers and list of celebrity and fashion fans that will make anyone envious. She is also the founder and owner of Unistella nail salon in Cheongdam, Seoul. In 2015 Park’s shattered glass nails went viral, this trend was quickly followed by bracelet nails and diamond nails and every design she has come up with since breaks the internet and becomes the latest must have manicure around the world. So while we were in Seoul we had to make a stop at Unistella and experience the artistry for ourselves.

We arrived at Unistella having navigated the small, crooked roads of Cheongdam. Amongst the beige and red brick buildings is the sleek black exterior of Unistella, standing out like a beacon for manicure enthusiasts. On entering we were warmly welcomed and immediately offered drinks and were asked about the designs we wanted while our nails were filed and primed.

There are plenty of nail design boards to choose from in the salon, as well as handy iPads to get inspiration. You can go for a standard design or the manicurists will work with you to create your own. I decided to go with a hybrid of several designs, selecting my own colours and making modifications however I wished. If you want bold creative designs, this is the place to come. I chose to go with a multicoloured deep French manicure with an accent rainbow design on each hand.

The nail artists at Unistella have real talent and skill. Each delicate band of the rainbows on my nails were painted freehand one by one with the thinnest paintbrush. This truly amazed me!

We were in the salon for close to two and a half hours, we enjoyed the fun and chilled atmosphere of Unistella, the whole team was chatty and TV screens played salon highlights from New York Fashion Week, photo shoots and television appearances by Park. The black walls and neon signs of the interior accompanied by a 90’s RnB and hip hop playlist (shoutout to the music selection it was on point!) made it feel like a chilled back club where you can just so happen to get your nails done.

A lovely touch at the end of a wonderful experience is they photograph your nails and send them to you following your visit, so you get a great set of professional looking photos to remember your nails.

At Unistella you don’t just get a manicure you get a portable work of art on your nails. Not only do you have a great time at the salon you get a chance to exercise your creative muscle and create your own designs to fit your style. Unistella is a must if you are in Seoul and want to experience a slice of the celebrity and fashion industry’s go-to for nail art, you will leave with nails that catch everyone’s eye and you won’t be able to take your own eyes off them!

A: 19-30, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
T: 02-517-5884
W: Unistella
SM: Instagram / Youtube /Facebook

Written by Alex Scott for Luxuria Lifestyle


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