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February 24, 2020

Urban offers expert treatment convenient to you

Urban is something you try once and question how you could have ever lived without it. Via the Urban app you can book treatments anytime, anywhere. Practitioners go to your house/hotel or wherever you are to give you the treatment you need whether it be a massage, manicure, skin treatment, or an osteopathy or physiotherapy session.

As an entrepreneur, I don’t have a fixed schedule, so when I was asked to try two treatments with Urban, I wasn’t sure when I could make time for it. I finished Thai boxing training on a Wednesday night at 9 pm and I thought it would be nice to get a massage to relax my sore muscles the next day.

Normally, massage therapists are booked far in advance and I often have to wait days before they can see me. I checked the salons I usually go to but none of them had availability.

When I opened the Urban app, I expected similar results but was pleasantly surprised to find several therapists available in my area. Not just that but I could also see their ratings, how many treatments they had given and reviews from previous customers.

I decided to book a 60 Minute-Massage with a 60-Minute Dermalogica Facial with Melanie. It is always a bit risky to try new therapists as you never know what you’ll get, but thanks to all the information Urban provides about their practitioners, I’d never felt so much at ease when booking a treatment.

Melanie was fantastic. She arrived at my house on time, gave me a much needed deep tissue massage and topped it off with a relaxing facial with top quality Dermalogica products. I felt like a new person after the session.

My second treatment was a 60-Minute Osteopathy Consultation and Treatment with Dermott. I booked it right at the last minute as I woke up with back pain after a particularly hard Thai Boxing training session the previous day. Luckily, Dermott was available within an hour to save me. I’d never had an Osteopathy treatment before, so I was very curious whether it would be an answer to my back injury. Dermott was very knowledgeable, and he made sure he fully understood my condition before starting the treatment. I was very happy with the session; I’ll definitely book a follow-up with him again.

The ability to book an experienced practitioner last minute who will go to wherever you are and provide a quality treatment is truly luxurious, but surprisingly the prices are perfectly reasonable and often cheaper than regular salons (starting from £32).

I can’t recommend Urban enough: it is a must-have app for any Londoner.”

Written by Timea Pintye for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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