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January 15, 2019

US and Canadian Crematoriums Offering Cremation Diamonds as a Remembrance Option

Cremation diamonds are an eternal legacy for your departed loved one

Planning a funeral for a departed loved one in the USA is not only one of the hardest but also the most expensive event in most people’s lives. In order to help the bereaved overcome grief by lifting the burden of the numerous decisions pending on society’s definition of a befitting burial, crematoriums are offering a remembrance option known as cremation diamonds – a way to eternalize the memory of your departed loved one with a gem.

Cremation Diamonds: The Evolution of Funeral Homes and Crematoriums Services in the USA and Canada
Up until recently, funerals in the USA and Canada were organized at home by the friends and family of the deceased. However, as communities began to expand, the need to establish communal cemeteries and funeral homes to relieve the bereaved of these logistical burdens arose.

Most funeral homes and cemeteries in the USA used to be small family-owned businesses, passed on from one generation to another within the family. However, in the late 1960s, a consolidation of the industry began with large companies acquiring these small family-owned funeral homes and continuing to operate them under the family name so as to retain their loyal following. The seller was allowed to maintain a management role and the existing employees were also retained.

Collectively, the four largest funeral service operators in the USA are estimated to own approximately 20% of the existing 23,000 funeral homes and about 30% of the funeral services in North America.

With the growing popularity of cremation in the 20th century, funeral homes discovered that soon their services would be outdated. The baby boomers generation had less need for funeral services like embalming or viewing of the body which inspired funeral homes to tailor custom services to meet the needs of this generation of customers and in so doing some of them constructed cremation facilities and others simply contracted already existing ones.

Funeral customs in the USA and Canada today are more about celebrating the life and achievements of the bereaved other than mourning them. Therefore, funeral homes and crematoriums have had to adjust to the ever changing scope of the industry to accommodate innovations such as cremation diamonds so as to match consumer demand and above all stay relevant.

Diamonds from ashes are artificial diamonds created in a laboratory using the carbon content of a deceased’s ashes

Renowned diamonds from ashes vendors like LONITE, which has an existing branch office in the border city with Canada of Buffalo, New York state in the USA uses highly specialized HPHT technology in their modern state Swiss laboratory to create the conditions necessary for cremation diamond formation – heat and pressure.

After measuring the ashes or hair to ascertain that they contain enough carbon to be turned into a cremation diamond, the ashes or hair are stirred into a Nano powder in a special chemical gas environment and then an impurity remover is applied in a special solvent to remove unstable chemicals.

Special treatment is applied so that the remaining carbon is adequately preserved, while other elements extracted are reduced to a fractional minimum. Oxygen is removed and an inert and reducing gas is injected to protect the ashes or hair from oxidation.

The carbon extracted from hair or ashes is placed in a safe and resistant cabinet, in a wet chemical environment, to increase purity by removing heavy metals. The program-controlled process of specific temperatures, stirring speeds, and the addition of chemical reagents ensures the carbon quality. At the end of this final purification step, the carbon purity should reach as high as 99.99% 4N Purity). It is important to note that not all cremation diamond vendors offer this kind of purity.

The purified and extracted carbon is converted into flake graphite in a cylinder shape. Before being placed into the diamond synthesis machine, the cylinder is carefully wrapped in protective and corbelled materials to prepare it for the final technical steps that require pressure and temperature measurement, insulation and protection. The transformation from ashes to cremation diamonds takes between 6 to 9 months depending on the size and color of the cremation diamond ordered

Turning Human Ashes into Cremation Diamonds: A New Way to Honor the Deceased

The funeral industry in the USA has increasingly been gravitating towards more personalized approaches to burial in a bid to honor their deceased.

Personalization refers to tailoring a service or a product to accommodate specific individuals. For the funeral industry, this means including unique services that reflect the hobbies, passions and interests of the deceased hence making funerals in the USA more meaningful.

Cremation diamonds are a perfect example of personalization in funerals. Since diamonds are forever, the memory of a deceased is eternalized by turning their cremated ashes into a beautiful cremation diamond. The gem can also be customized with as many personal traits of the deceased such as cremation jewelry made out of their favorite metal or even in their favorite color.

Personalized funeral products such as cremation diamonds help the bereaved feel closer to their departed loved ones, help to keep good memories of the deceased alive and are also a beautiful tribute that celebrates the deceased rather than focusing entirely on grief.

The cremation diamonds cost in the USA is $1,700 to $17,000

Remembrance options such as cremation diamonds in the USA are an instrumental part of the process of overcoming the grief that comes with losing a loved one. They provide a means for the bereaved to commemorate their departed loved ones with a physical symbol of eternal love – diamonds.

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