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June 13, 2019

Wake up to the smell of great coffee that’s a force for good

Pact coffee is a leading speciality coffee service that provides bespoke and flexible plans for coffee lovers. They ethically source fresh coffee and deliver it directly to doorsteps across the UK – all coffee is roasted, ground, packed and delivered fresh to your door within seven days. With over 13 different coffees on offer, sourced from farms across the globe, there’s a coffee to suit all palates and budgets – take Planalto, El Cairo and Corrego Dantas for example.


Set in the highlands of the Nova Rezende region of Brazil, over more than 900 hectares, the Planalto estate has been growing speciality coffee for the past 25 years. On the first sip, Planalto instantly floods your mouth with rich chocolate and malt flavours. Whilst the coffee has a milk chocolate sweetness and flavour, it has a very light milky acidity.

El Cairo

This coffee stems from the mountains of Huila, Columbia, belonging to second generation farmer Faibre Salazar. Faibre and his son Eirner have made multiple innovations to their farm such as using banana trees as windbreaks and planting coffee mixtures resistant to fungi to ensure high quality coffee. The taste of orange and mandarin is the first thing you’ll notice about this coffee with a syrupy texture to top it off.

Corrego Dantas

Produced in the Ilicinea part of Brazil that’s known for its difficulty in producing coffee trees, the addition of a processing mill along with planting more trees to act as windbreaks allowed Joao Franca’s coffee trees to flourish. On tasting Corrego Dantas you’ll first detect a silky texture on your taste buds which are then greeted with the sweetness of brown sugar, and topped off by an extravagant combination of cherry, plum and apricot.

Pact not only offers the best coffee in the world, it’s also using it as a force for good. Partnering with over 200 farmers worldwide, Pact pays at least 25%-125% above the Fairtrade price which helps to secure their farmers’ livelihoods and the health of the coffee industry.

Coffee plan prices are £6.95 – £9.95 in a variety a grinds, from wholebean to cafetiere to pods.

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