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October 23, 2019

Wasabi – A fusion restaurant specialising in Craft Gin, Sushi, grills and Dim Sum

Speciality: Craft Gin & Sushi Dishes 
Wasabi Restaurant is a Fusion restaurant specializing Fusion sushi, grills and dim sum.

These dishes have been masterly created by authentic Oriental chefs, who have learnt this ancient craft as children, passed down by their forefathers.
Their trademarked sushi is freshly prepared, in full view, so as to maintain the highest possible quality standard.

Wasabi is run by the owner who introduced sushi into his restaurants 22 years ago, and where necessary, flavours have been delicately enhanced to suit the Western palate.

Wasabi opened in 2016 and their venue can seat up to 138 guests and is split into an upstairs and downstairs area with a private function room that has its own bar.
Situated in the outside food court of the Mall, you will be exposed to the most magical sunsets which are perfect for those warm summer days.

Wasabi’s food is flavourful and made with artisanal hands, a taste journey like no other. Fresh Oysters, a classic start to your meal or, if you’re feeling adventurous you can have it either as a Vodka, Tequila or Jalapeno Oyster Shot. The Hong Kong Pears are another tasty starter option and come as 3 potato dumplings stuffed with duck, prawn and chicken. The Peking duck is made using a traditional Chinese recipe from 1864, the duck is marinated over 48 hours before being cooked in specialized high-pressure gas oven to allow for that crispy brown skin and moist meat. It’s then plated the traditional way with pancakes, carrots, spring onion and cucumber, served with Plum and Hoisin sauce.

Of course, no meal can go without that perfect thirst-quenching pairing and the waiters are well trained to help you expertly pair with your dish of choice with just the right wine or Craft Gin to enhance your experience.
Wasabi is well known for their incredible signature sushi concepts, unlike anything else you’ll find in Joburg or even South Africa. With so many distinctive dishes available, you’ll be going back for a 2nd, 3rd and even a 10th visit to try them all.

“The most amazing food ever! Springbok roses are my absolute favourite, like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. I love that the manager/owner always makes us feel so special. The wine menu is wowweeee.”
- Lindsey Gray

T:  0111 517 2458
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