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March 29, 2019

Wearable Wealth Introducing the Gold Collection from Angelo Galasso

Luxury Italian designer, Angelo Galasso, proudly presents his most opulent capsule to date – the GOLD Collection!

Designed to capture the appetite of today’s gentleman – those who are fast becoming obsessed with vanity and beautiful objects of desire, the GOLD Collection is for the gent who craves to possess prestigious items and show them off proudly.

“Women’s fashion has held the limelight for such a long time, it’s only natural that menswear should be on the rise, especially considering the cultural shift in attitude. We’ve noticed that men, especially Londoner’s, are taking a more serious approach to their appearance and focusing on details, such as accessories and grooming.” – Angelo Galasso.

Staying true to his eponymous style, with the GOLD Collection Galasso has created immeasurable elegance where fine detailing and embellishment takes centre stage. Sourcing the finest and most exquisite materials is a must for all items and all components that go into the final creation, each one showcasing distinctive characteristics of an entirely handmade offering.

Custom printed silk shirts are presented with either 24 carat gold or 1000 silver filigrana buttons, as are the coveted jeans within the collection that also feature solid gold or silver finishing’s. Matching belts are available too, with standout buckles in a choice of either precious metal.

A truly outstanding work of art that deserves to be flaunted can be found in the Diamond and Gold Shoes. A classic slip on design, synonymous with the label, these luxurious black suede and crocodile shoes are embellished with not one, but two diamond encrusted AG logo’s set within 24 carat white gold. A true investment piece that is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

The magnum opus of the collection however, has to be the magnificent 24 Carat Gold Thread Blazer. Made to order, this ethereal piece features 24 carat gold threads woven in a custom AG pattern and finished with plated gold jewel buttons to make a one-of-a-kind, highly collectible item.

W: Angelo Galasso
A: 8-10 Hans Rd, London, SW3 1RX.

Instagram / #Luxurialife