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December 17, 2018

The Bloomsbury Club Bar is located within the Bloomsbury Hotel and is a haven, hidden away from the noise and chaos of nearby Tottenham Court Road and the bustle of Oxford Circus. The decor is entrenched in tradition with plush leather armchairs, low level atmospheric lighting and adorned with book shelves, filled with literary greats. The outside space felt like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, with an enchanting forest vine-clad terrace, featuring fairy lights that twinkled in the night,  a space to enjoy throughout the seasons.

The drinks menu celebrates the 1920s and 30s, the forgotten golden age of cocktails, the perfect fusion of classics and and new creations. Inside is Art Deco polished wood, luxurious leather, a traditional club bar with a fine selection of the brandy, port and liqueur. They offer a cigar menu, which suggests the perfect pairing drink accompaniment, a treasure for seasoned drinkers experience. Cohiba Siglo IV is the most expensive cigar on the menu, launched in 1966 and originally reserved as diplomatic gift, the cigar held an expensive label due to the full flavoured Havanas and the unique third fermentation, which gives extra purity and smoothness to the smoking experience.

What to drink – Bloomsbury Set and classic cocktail picks

The Bloomsbury set cocktails are all named after the love triangle which was so frowned upon at that time! The tropical rum and pineapple ‘Mary Pickford’,  the gin with raspberry shrub ‘Virginia Woolfe’ and the ‘Leonard Woolfe’  with whiskey and a little ginger and orange. ‘Founding Father’ cocktail stands tall with Tanquerary No. Ten, house blend Vermouth, tonic bitters, pink grapefruit shrub and floral wine foam. They all leave you wanting more.

My Bloomsbury Club Bar experience

The Bloomsbury Club Bar is set within the beautiful Bloomsbury Hotel.  I felt a nostalgic from the moment I walked through the door, the ambience reminiscent of the roaring 20s and 30s, truly the golden era. Hidden away from the bustle of London’s shopping district, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus, The Bloomsbury Club Bar is the escape. The Bloomsbury Club Bar is a short walk from the highly acclaimed Dominion Theatre, a perfect place for a warm up to a great night out or the place to drink, dine and be entertained by the many Jazz singers and duos that grace The Bloomsbury Club Bar.

Upon arrival it felt very luxurious from the outside, you have to walk downstairs past the boutique style hotel. There was a beautiful welcoming terrace space outside, which sparkled in the night. The inside was reminiscent of a scene from a jazz club/bar from the roaring golden years, pure nostalgia. The space, inside was warm and cozy, luxurious leather chairs and low lighting, intimate but vibrant. The host assisted me with the choices on the club bites menu and explained them all in detail. There was a side bar serving the cocktails, both classic and new. It was fitting to try cocktails from the seasonal ‘Dingle all the way’ cocktail menu – ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ with Gin 30&40, Aperitif de Normandie, sassy cider poire and Christmas spice syrup and caramel pecan tincture, also ‘All I want for Christmas’ with whiskey, black coffee, pear and cinnamon syrup, golden syrup and whipped cream, both were so delicious and warm, which took the chill off outside. We were invited by the waiter to try the classic cocktails ‘Dora Carrington Painter’ made with Tanquerary, pomegranate, Cocchi Americano, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, demerara sugar and orange bitters, so delicious and ‘Lady Lydia Lopokova Ballerina’ Ketle One, lime juice, Angostura Bitters, apple chutney, apple and passion fruit and cider, we didn’t want them to finish.

All that drinking worked up an appetite and we were invited to try a selection from the Club Bite Menu; ‘La Fromagerie’ cheese toastie of the week with gherkins, melted in the mouth,  and the signature Bloomsbury Burger – we couldn’t resist, we also ordered sweet potato fries with truffle and parmesan, outstandingly fabulous.

The Bloomsbury Club Bar is definitely on my list as the perfect hideaway to experience London’s finest cocktails and be entertained all year round.

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Written by Rene Byrd for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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