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July 1, 2019

Who doesn’t love shopping, especially if it’s at a designer village!!

I have always loved shopping ever since I could literally walk!  It’s as if it’s a natural ‘talent’ born into me. I find shopping a way to escape away from the world or anything that is on my mind. It gets my endorphins running wild and I escape into another world!

Let’s talk designer; we all have to admit who doesn’t love designer goods; but they are not so kind to our pocket right? Which is why Biecester Village is a dream come true! Selected designer pieces on offer!! How can it be?! Well it is true! The prices are great value at Bicester Village, it’s definitely worth a visit! There is a huge range of designers! I promise you there won’t be one you don’t love!

Bicester village host great events which support amazing causes to share and inspire to the world. Recently Bicester Village opened an Indian concept pop up store with lots of gorgeous pieces, raising the awareness of new exciting talents coming out of India; ‘Celebrating India! I was lucky enough to be invited and attend! There’s definitely no way I was missing this!

The pop up boutique showcased ‘All things India’ including jewellery, fashion pieces, candles, bags, books, and photography, along with many beautiful pieces celebrating the beautiful skills from India. The designs, colours and fabrics that were used were stunning! The Indian culture has such pretty ornate garments, the patterns and prints are very identifiable as the detail is amazing! Funds made also help support a charity to save the elephants and it is a great way of raising awareness. There were life sized elephants that could be seen around the village, which really re-inforced the message.

The idea of the life size elephants was to be more personal and meaningful and really get to the public to support the preservation of these stunning and endangered creatures, by donating during your visit or in the concept store. ‘The Matriarch Club’ is a powerful alliance full of adventurous people raising funds for the endangered elephants. It is important that people are aware that the last 50 years the elephant population has been halved and 90% of their natural territory has vanished! Leaving 47,000 elephants and other species coexisting with humans, more than ever before. Let’s save the elephants! We do not want them becoming extinct!

There were great inspirational speakers who expressed celebrating India, which was very inspiring. After the great speeches celebrating India there was food being served in the gorgeous Café Wolsey; it is an absolutely charming place! Café Wolseley has absolutely incredible interior! As I walked in I was presented with an ice cold glass of bubbly, the whole theme of the room was glistening gold with a shadowy dark theme. The shelves were glistening full of chocolates and delights. The theme continued with brightly coloured decorations celebrating all things India!

I walked through to an arched opening and was presented with a table full of brightly coloured elephant biscuits, continuing the India theme. I took a seat and was kindly offered a drink, followed by some Indian dishes of course!

There were delicious Indian canapés, main courses of rice dishes and delicious deserts. The food was absolutely phenomenal! I would go back just for the wonderful food and service! Everyone was so lovely and attentive! Even the toilets were a pleasure! The vibe of the restaurant was very grand, with lots of rich dark wooden panels and detailing carved into the wood.

The food kept flowing throughout the room and it was so tasty, There was plenty for everyone, Bicester Village sure know how to put on a party! It really was spectacular. There were bowls of rice with lots of didn’t flavours and sides of naan bread, along with  fabulous sweet deserts.The colours and presentation were stunning and tasty too! It was a huge feast!

Now it was time to explore Bicester Village! Where to start was the question! I was so excited to explore all my favourite shops! As a thank you Bicester Village gifted me a voucher to spend and put towards anything I brought that day!! There are so many shops from Ted Baker to Prada, Chloe, Burberry, Michael Kors, Gucci, Mulberry and many many more!

Shopping here we come! I found it most hard to decide what to look at first, especially as I didn’t come for anything specific! Although my guilty pleasure is handbags! So let’s see what happened! There are so many shops! Where to start?! Of course I Gucci it is! Gucci is one of my favourite designers!

I would highly recommend Bicester Village for many reasons, the wide range of shops and designers here is incredible! The service and manners of the workers and waiting staff was just amazing. The transport links are great! It is a 46mins from Marylebone London or if you are traveling by car there are lots of signs to steer you in the right direction.

Thank you so much for having me,  I had a blast and the Bicester Village team were wonderful.

And the parking is free! Yayyy!!!

A: 50 Pingle Drive Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6WD, England
W: Bicester Village

Written by Sophia Sellwood for Luxuria Lifestyle International

Instagram / #Luxurialife