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March 26, 2020

Why Luxury Watches are a Smart Investment

Luxury watches are not just fashion accessories, they are investments as well. It’s true that most of us do not look at a Rolex or a Patek Philippe as an investment, but that’s mostly down to two primary reasons.

First, most of us can’t afford them, and second, even if we could, we don’t even know whether or not they really can be classed as investments. After you have read through this article, though, all your confusion will be resolved because we are about to take a brief look at three reasons why luxury watches are indeed long-term investments with excellent potential.

Taking It at Face Value: A Personal Investment

Before we get into the financial aspect, let’s take things at face value first, by looking at what a Vacheron Constantin or a Rolex can do for one’s personality. If you are someone who can afford a £20,000 Rolex DateJust, you should invest in it for purely personal reasons first, financial reasons second. It’s an investment in yourself and your lifestyle, simply because it matters.

After reaching a certain social standing, it’s not just about putting up appearances or showing off, but about making a statement, and a confident one at that. The lifestyle you lead doesn’t have to be exuberant all the time, but the watch you wear, the car you drive, and the suits you put on, should have some significance to the status you hold. Contrary to popular belief, it’s your behaviour and interactions with others that need to be humble, not every aspect of your lifestyle itself.

A Luxury Watch is Always Impressive, Irrespective of the Social Circle

So many objects have lost their previously high value in the digital world, but luxury watches are not one of them. Keeping the time may or may not be the prime objective of wearing a TAG Heuer or a Hublot these days, but the watches are just as impressive as they always were, if not more so now. Speaking from the smart investment perspective, it matters because when an important client enters your office and shakes your hand, rest assured that they will notice the Rolex Cosmograph on your wrist. It creates an impression, along with everything else, that you are successful and classy; something which can be a dealmaker, so to say.

The same principle also applies to any social circle. Be it on a date, or at a school reunion, a luxury watch simply helps you stand out from the crowd without being overly loud about your success, giving you that additional boost you need to get what you want.

Financial Investment: Luxury Watches Gain in Value

When it comes to both class and resale value, very few brands can come even close to Rolex. You can have a look for a Rolex at CHRONEXT where you’ll find a selection of watches that have been released over a period of 115 years. Although Rolex does offer incredible resale value, CHRONEXT also has a huge collection of luxury watches from every premium watchmaker as well. So, if you are more of a Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet person, just browse the site to find one that appeals to you the most.

Hopefully, we have helped to sum up just why a luxury watch is more than just a style statement.

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