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April 10, 2019

Why Serviced Apartments are Perfect for Business Travel

If you are travelling to and from different locations for travel, often the thought of staying in yet another dingy hotel can evoke dread and fear. Not only can hotels begin to rack up some serious costs if you’re staying away for the majority of the week, but they don’t offer much in the way of home comforts and flexibility.

With companies like SilverDoor Apartments, you can bring a sense of home away with you while also keeping costs as low as possible. Many often think that by booking a hotel you are getting the best deal, without first looking into alternative options.

Keep costs down

Prices start from around £150 per night in London and around £100 for the rest of the UK. Services apartments are great value for money when you compare them to many hotels. Plus if you’re looking to stay for a longer period of time, say a week for example, then the cost will be reflective of this, whereas many hotels don’t offer bulk discount for lengthy stays.

Travelling with colleagues? Many serviced apartment companies offer not only 1 but 2+ bedroom options. Easier than trying to get multiple rooms in a single hotel – book together and save money.

Have quality home comforts

Serviced apartments offer the same, if not a higher standard than many good quality hotels. Bed linen and towels are provided as well as a full kitted out kitchen with a dishwasher and housekeeping services in some cases. You’ll also have TV with potentially more viewing options than those in a hotel room and more often than not, free broadband, meaning you could work from the apartment should you need to.

Maintain a level of flexibility

Want to eat out with colleagues or business partners? No problem! With a serviced apartment you’re not tied to eating in the hotel for breakfast and dinner if you don’t want to. If you still want an element of your regular lifestyle while working away, serviced apartments are great for this, as you’ll still be able to go off and dine without feeling like you need to eat in because you have dinner included in your package.

With up to 30% more space than a hotel and plenty of privacy and freedom to come and go as you please, there’s no wonder that more and more people travelling for business are choosing to book a serviced apartment over a hotel.

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