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January 20, 2020

Wooothy children’s furniture that grows with them

Wooothy understand that your needs are bound to adapt and change over time, maybe you move to a new house? Or your family grows a little? Wooothy provides the answer, crafting modularly designed children’s bedroom furniture that can be reassembled to fit different rooms, lifestyles and needs – Allowing the furniture to grow just as you do!

Making the transition from a cot to a bed can be a huge change for children, that’s why we decided to make it a fun and exciting experience for Felix. We knew we wanted to get him a bed that has a safety rail but also looking stylish. The Wooothy canopy bed is exciting, modern and can be adapted in many different ways to suit your preferences.

Who as a kid has not dreamed about having their very own little house or a hiding place for one? The Wooothy Canopy Bed creates a secret place to play in, daydream and plan their next adventure. The additional canopy can be removed as your little one grows or can be used separately as a little house to play in. Meanwhile, the fabric drape couldn’t be simpler to remove and wash. Notice the paired back minimalistic design as the white and natural wood tones complement each other beautifully, suitable for any child’s bedroom no matter the existing decor.

The bed was easy to assemble and came very well packaged, each bit of wood individually protected to ensure no damage was caused. The instructions were clear and we were able to put the canopy bed up with ease, stunned by the quality of the wood.

Doroteja, founder and CEO of Wooothy wanted to create a safe place to inspire, where children can comfortably play with their friends and listen to their favourite stories, a place that turns daydreams into adventures. Not to mention achieving a pleasant environment for your little dreamers to catch some sleep.

For Doroteja “From a young age, my parents have inspired me to feel close to nature, where I fell in love with wood.” So from establishing the brands’ roots in 2013 Wooothy furniture has continued to lovingly craft their furniture from local materials, harvesting the wood from the highest quality beech trees in Slovenia and using the most skilful of craftsmen.

Not only is this mutually beneficial for the family saving money in the long run, but with serious concern for the environment thanks to their primary use of wood and the Wooothy concept created with top quality and adaptability in mind, they strongly intent you will use the pieces for a long time so you can certainly agree that Wooothy are doing there bit to help the environment.

The Wooothy collection boasts over seven stunning concepts from Cot Beds, Single Beds to Bunk Beds all of which can seamlessly progress from one to another. To check out the entire stunning range visit the website Wooothy.

Written by Cyah Flynn for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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