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November 30, 2019

Yours Naturally, Naturally Yours

Let’s start by saying that my company is an independent business started in 2014 based in the cultural city of Liverpool.

In December 2011, I made a life-changing decision after attending a free bath bomb & soap making course offered by FACE in Liverpool. This had inspired me to look for courses to further my knowledge in making these products to sell. Also, l started learning to make natural skincare as a hobby.

A couple of years later, my son, Alessio started to receive chemotherapy for his Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. After the chemotherapy started, he developed psoriasis which was possibly caused by the treatment. Consequently, I decided to make natural “skin kind” products to minimise psoriasis. I made different types of body butter and massage oils to relieve psoriasis with great success, so much so that Alessio was discharged from the Dermatology department. The consultant said she will be sending me her patients in the future as she was amazed by the power of natural products on psoriasis!

The chemotherapy also caused hair loss and skin to be hypersensitive. At around the similar time, my neighbour had just finished chemotherapy for her breast cancer. Therefore, she was desperately looking for a neutral pH shampoo as advised by the medical professionals. I said I could make one if she could provide me with some information. “My new hair” booklet produced by a national charity was passed to me by my neighbour. This booklet provides information, advice and support for people experiencing medical hair loss. After a few trials, I finally created an ultra-mild shampoo and conditioner to encourage the development of healthy hair with the help of my trainer, Sarah Jane of “Soapschool” and Sarah Baron from “Of a simple nature”. Not long after using the hair care products, Alessio and my neighbour developed a full head of beautiful hair. More good news, my neighbour is in remission and she is doing very well. In terms of Alessio, chemotherapy didn’t work, so he has been put on the Anti-Tumour Necrosis Factor treatment, also known as Biological Therapy to manage his Arthritis for life. Some of the damage to his joints has actually been reversed slightly with this treatment, which is fantastic news!

That success led me to create more “skin kind” products tailoring for people with different skin types. However, I didn’t stop there and went one step further by creating skin and hair care, whereby one product suits most skin types. This was made possible because of my extensive knowledge of the potent powers of botanical ingredients on skin and hair.

I truly believe natural skincare products are the best and kind to the skin. Therefore, my company will always be committed to making the finest quality organic products without the high price tag. For people with hypersensitive skin, there is a good range of unscented skincare products.

Essentially this was only meant to be a hobby making products on the kitchen table, just like the inspirational late Anita Roddick of Body Shop, my role model. It has now turned into a business providing employment to several local people. This was only possible after I took a major risk leaving a well-paid job to focus on a loss-making business in December 2015. Despite that, deep in my heart, I believe I can turn my business into a profitable one which will fund the future care costs for Alessio when I am not around. Not only does Alessio has complex medical needs, but he also has severe Autism and Learning Difficulties, so he requires 24/7 hours support. Basically this business is for my son, Alessio, whom I love more than anyone in this world.

ELIXIR – the miracle in a bottle or botox in a bottle!

Elixir is a luxurious highly concentrated age-defying serum which is instantly absorbed when applied, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and radiant. Most important of all, it helps to soften fine lines, acne scars and stretch marks.

This serum is superbly moisturising and nourishing due to all the lovely natural oils. It contains oils which have a high level of Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) such as Borage, Rosehip and Evening Primrose. GLA is an essential fatty acid that is not produced by the body but is needed for the development of healthy skin. The body uses it to manufacture prostaglandins, which are the hormone-like substance that balance and regulate cellular activity. Without it, the skin looks dull and tired, therefore, regular usage of this serum will restore youthful radiance. Additionally, the serum encourages the production of collagen and elastin to tighten up relaxed muscles which are essential in delaying the process of skin ageing.

Sea buckthorn oil and Olive Squalane are especially good in treating irritated skin or rashes. Elixir is also suitable for people with skin conditions such as melasma and hyperpigmentation. Sea buckthorn oil is a great skin repairer and the colour of this serum is from this oil. Olive Squalane is very similar to human sebum, therefore it gets absorbed quickly. It helps the skin to retain moisture and smooths out blemishes and age spots. More importantly, it boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation.
Another benefit of Elixir is that it brightens the skin slightly due to the high level of vitamins, especially vitamin C.

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