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September 21, 2021

30 Years of Impeccable Trajectory At The Very Top Of The World Of Law

Despacho Lamas is an internationally oriented firm of lawyers and economists located in Palma de Mallorca. The office opened in May 1989 and has specialized since its inception in foreign investment consultancy (EU member states and third countries) in the Balearic Islands. Our consulting and customer service areas include Real Estate law, Civil Law, Tax Law, and Property Management, among other services. An academic background, specialized training, and keeping abreast of developments are the defining characteristics of our staff.

Opening his law firm Despacho Jaime Lamas back in 1989 it wasn’t easy to gain a foothold. One of the reasons Jaime Lamas managed to build his firm from scratch was his work experience in Hannover, Vienna and London. Especially in Germany Jaime learned the basic structure of real estate law and the language.

The formula Jaime followed during the past 30 years has been strength, desire and experience. Over time, experience and learning complemented the formula that allows the firm to stay in place where they are and where they intend to stay, at the very top of the world of law.

Despacho Lamas has a long history specialising in foreign investment consulting in the Balearic Islands and, thanks to its large team of lawyers and economists, hundreds of clients rely on their trajectory, services and passion for the profession. All of Jaime’s postgraduate training focused on the legal and fiscal development of foreign investments in Spain, including the entire hereditary issue, which is of great importance when real estate assets are on the line. It is an exciting branch of law and particularly attractive as the clients make you part of the excitement of acquiring a second residence in Mallorca.

Experience, personal support and a highly qualified team gain the client’s trust and trust is the secret of customer acquisition. And they also have an office with the best views of Palma’s Old Town and bay!

A: Despacho Lamas, C/Sindicato, 69-10, 07002 Palma, Mallorca
T: +34 971 720 202
W: Despacho Lamas

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