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Senior Mangement Team

Meet our senior management team.

If you are interested in joining our highly professional team and can add value to our business please email [email protected]

Debbie Stone

Global Editor in Chief - International

Debbie, Luxuria Lifestyle International's editor, is passionate about travel, exquisite cuisine, and all things luxurious. Her editorial expertise combines a love for opulence, creating captivating content for discerning readers.

Amber Lauren

Global Travel Editor - International

Amber has been with Luxuria from the very start and has travelled to the far corners of the earth, working with some of the most luxurious brands in the world. Amber's passion for adventure and people is undeniable.

Peter Sissons

Travel & Lifestyle Writer - International

Peter is well-versed in writing sparkling articles on international travel and luxury lifestyles, drawing his knowledge from his careers as an artist, architect, and designer. “Having a penchant for stunning houses, yachts and aircraft, I embrace my passions"

Emma Blunt

Global Travel & Wellness Writer - International

Emma is an experienced travel and wellness writer, combining her experience of working with luxury brands alongside knowledge from a career in the conservation and sustainability sector. She is passionate about showcasing how you can travel sustainable.

Danielle Tobin

Lifestyle Writer - International

Danielle is a travel and lifestyle writer with over 10 years of experience reviewing and creating content for brands worldwide. She has a particular love for luxury getaways and she's a massive foodie!

Beth Davies

Lifestyle and Travel Writer - International

Beth is a social media expert owning her own Social Media Marketing company with experience working with luxury brands. She loves travelling the world and visiting hotels in style!

Joshua Aaron and Elliot Farmer

International Sports Writers - International

Josh is a pro tennis player, but loves a round of golf too. Elliot lives for golf and generally they are both born sportsmen who love all sporting activities.


Company Pup - International

Hero is the cockapoo puppy of our global editor Debbie and loves spending time in the office, sniffing out and reviewing all luxury canine products and services.

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