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Editorial Team

We are very pleased and proud to be working closely with the below group of Luxuria Lifestyle international editorial staff and team members, who are responsible for running our offices and events around the world.

If you are interested in joining our highly professional team and can add value to our business please email info@luxurialifestyle.com

Debbie Stone

Global Editor in Chief - International

Debbie has been an entrepreneur in the world of business and beauty since the age of seventeen when she launched her own chain of beauty salons and cosmetic clinics looking after celebrity clients from around the world. She loves to travel to luxury resorts.

Amber Lauren

Global Travel Editor - London & International

Amber has been with Luxuria from the very start and has travelled to the far corners of the earth, working with some of the most luxurious brands in the world. Amber's passion for adventure and people is undeniable.

Danielle Jacobsen

Editor & CEO - Caribbean & Miami

After 20+ years criss-crossing continents creating profile-raising features on emerging economies published in international media, Danielle decided to settle in Antigua & Barbuda where she since has been producing bespoke magazines and media campaigns for a variety of clients across the Caribbean.

Dean Williams and Tyler Verdin

Managing Partners - Spain

Dean Williams and Tyler Verdin are no strangers to the luxury property market and luxury living with over 35 years combined experience in property.
For the last seven years they have been running their real estate agency in Marbella with the focus on lifestyle, beautiful properties and stunning locations.

Chris Thwala

Marketing Manager - LSM

Chris has been involved in many safari, travel, and tourism projects across Africa, and is now considered to be African travel and safari expert, based in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Rapha Zurita

Features Writer - London & International

Based in London, Rapha has been working with Luxuria Lifestyle for the last 5 years. He has experienced reviewing some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Europe,
and has a passion for travelling, golf, tennis and photography.

Kaya Cheshire

Lifestyle Writer - London & International

Kaya has written for Luxuria Global for 4+years and is well-versed in global travel, luxury lifestyle and also staycation-based features. She's worked with The World's Best Hotels in Majorca, Marriot and Celtic Manor

Danielle Tobin

Lifestyle Writer - London & International

Danielle is a travel and lifestyle writer with over 10 years of experience reviewing and creating content for brands worldwide. She has a particular love for luxury getaways and she's a massive foodie!

Beth Davies

Lifestyle and Travel Writer - London & International

Beth is a social media expert owning her own Social Media Marketing company with experience working with luxury brands. She loves travelling the world and visiting hotels in style!

Rhona and Peter

Lifestyle writers - London & International

Rhona is a culinary dessert queen and takes great pleasure in entertaining friends and family at home. Peter loves a vintage car and together they love a luxury staycation.

Joshua Aaron and Elliot Farmer

International Sports Writers - London & International

Josh is a pro tennis player, but loves a round of golf too. Elliot lives for golf and generally they are both born sportsmen who love all sporting activities.


Company Pup - London & International

Hero is the cockapoo puppy of our global editor Debbie and loves spending time in the office, sniffing out and reviewing all luxury canine products and services.

Dieter Blom

Digital/Design Manager - London & International

Dieter is the chairman of Versys Group which owns multiple companies including an Award Winning Digital Agency, with other companies covering E-commerce and Venture Capital. He is also an extremely passionate Model.

Susan Brophy

Director of Sales & Events - Caribbean & Miami

For over 20 years, Susan has worked in global publishing and business development, which has taken her all over the Caribbean and beyond. Her most recent experience is as Managing Editor of Antigua & Barbuda The Citizen magazine.

Mark Eveleigh

Global Correspondent - Global

British writer Mark Eveleigh (FRGS) has contributed 800 features to some of the world’s most prestigious publications. Although Mark was born in England he grew up in West Africa and has extensively explored 20 African countries.

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