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July 4, 2022

4 Creative Cocktail Ideas for Your Casino Night

Thinking up different reasons for your friends and family to enjoy each other’s company can sometimes be hard. However, organising a fun-packed casino night where your family and friends can enjoy some home-prepared cocktails in each other’s company while enjoying the long summer evening ahead of them has just got to be done.

Indeed, all you will require is a bit of equipment, some ingredients, and a lot of imagination – as well as some time to practice and some willing volunteers to perform a taste test on your concoctions a few days before your poker and cocktail night.

Get The Evening’s Entertainment Covered

Of course, it is up to you which style of cocktail you choose to offer your guests as they walk through your front door. Whether you’re serving cocktails that you’ve made yourself or ones that you are ready to drink, it’s entirely your choice. You are also going to have to think about the entertainment that you are going to provide as well.

Suppose you want to play regular casino games with your guests all sitting around a table. In that case, it might be tricky to incorporate the cocktails while trying to shuffle your cards, you can choose a much easier way to play and try your luck (as well as your guest’s) at sites like CafeCasino online.

This will take the heat off any particular person playing the dealer. In casino games, you will not be playing against your guests but will be playing against the house, so you could very well take it, in turn, to have a game or play on multiple devices to make it even more fun.

Equipment You Need To Make The Cocktails

It is important that you make sure you have enough glasses, and where possible different styled glasses for various cocktails will make your guest’s evening even more enjoyable, especially if they decide that they would all like to try every single cocktail recipe that you offer them.

Obviously, you will need the full professional cocktail-making kit, which comprises; a shaker, a bar spoon, a jigger, a strainer, and a muddler. The recipes you choose to follow will depend on whether you will also require a juicer or a blender. However, it is important to remember that some cocktails have their ingredients mixed by stirring.

Cocktails To Make

No doubt, when you get your hands on your professional cocktail-making kit, you are rightly going to want to have a play, and this is when you can get practice for your poker night with friends and family. It is a good idea to write down the ingredients you choose to use, especially when creating your unique cocktail, as this will help you replicate your successes and help you see where you went wrong in your disasters.

1. Make a Unique Cocktail

As mentioned above, you will most definitely require a pen and paper when having a play at creating your own unique cocktails. For your first try, you should try to make something that you would like. So, start with your favourite spirit for your base and then add a seasonal ingredient or two, such as a delicate flavoured fruit or juice, then try adding another that you feel will complement both flavours. When you are first playing with your cocktails, it is a good idea to taste as you go so that if you find your cocktail is not what you were expecting, you can change the last flavour you added to make it taste completely different.

Don’t forget to add your garnish as the finishing touch. Here again, you may feel that having the practice to get the right effect is beneficial rather than leaving it to the night itself.

Of course, you can play it relatively safe and look for cocktail recipes online to try and make for your guests. Indeed, there are many available, but it is still a good idea to practice them before you serve them up to your guests.

2. Try your hand at colour-changing cocktails

To wow your guests and have them fall in love with your cocktail-creating skills, you may want to show off your newfound expertise in a very visual cocktail, which would be in the form of a colour-changing cocktail, otherwise known as Galaxy cocktails.

3. Fancy cocktails

However, if you want your poker evening to be a classy affair, there are many fancy cocktails you can consider, adding a bit of glamour to your guest’s evening. You could try serving up a Vesper Martini (showcased in 007’s film Casino Royale) for the gents who dream of being like the special agent and all the excitement and glamour that it brings.

4. Fun cocktails

With only adults present at your poker evening, you could introduce some saucy fun into the evening by offering some adults-only cocktail titles. These may very well produce a giggle or two just at the mention of their name, and it is very likely that you will get all of your guests asking for more of these.

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