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June 24, 2022

5 Fashion Tips for a Fresh Summer Look

Summer is often characterized by warm temperatures, making it a hard season to dress for. A little mistake with your clothing choice and you may find yourself sweating profusely like an individual enclosed in a mobile steam room. However, if you get things right, you’ll certainly steal the show wherever you find yourself.

Here are some fashion tips to copy this summer for a fresh appearance.

1. Wear light-colored clothing

Summer seasons are often hot, making it impossible to wear several layers of clothes as you normally would during winter or autumn. Rather than go with a long faux-fur coat or anything thick or tight, we advise choosing outfits that reflect the sun’s rays and not absorb them.

Outfits that come in white will do as they are good at reflecting the sun’s rays and not getting hot. In addition, you need to consider button-down shirts for better air circulation around your body.

2. Go for Sleeveless or Loose Sleeves

When dressing during winter, you dress to impress and protect yourself from the cold. During summer, those goals change. Your summer dressing goals should be to impress while ensuring that you have optimum airflow.

Of course, to achieve the second goal, you don’t have to go fully strapless. You can consider sustainable tank tops—they are eco-friendly and ideal for the summer season, or puff-sleeve blouses, short-sleeve button-ups, sleeveless camis—anything that’s chic and aids airflow will do.

3. Don’t Wear Tight Clothing

Summer is the wrong time to wear tight clothing due to the heat. The tight pants or jeans and other range of tight clothing should be replaced with a loose-fitting alternative to ensure that you stay cool during summer. Common examples of loose-fitting clothing are:

● Cropped wide-leg pants
● Loose shirts
● Oversized blouses
● Dresses and skirts with breathable spaces

4. Avoid Jeans

Are you a denim jeans lover? If so, you may have to consider temporarily swapping your allegiance during summer.

Denim fabric is quite heavy, making it a no-no for a season where heat is the order of the day. In addition to denim, stretch jeans or skinny jeans aren’t ideal for summer.

Try out lightweight cotton or linen pants instead. They are attractive and breathable. If you must go for denim, consider wide-leg jeans, which will allow airflow.

5. Choose Breathable Fabrics

The summer season is not a time where you step out in a body-hugging outfit like the Spiderman. For your comfort, you need to postpone wearing nylon materials that aren’t breathable, as they tend to trap health and sweat against the skin.

Check their labels to know which material is breathable and which is not. If it’s 100% linen, cotton, or silk, you are good to go. However, try something else if it’s made of synthetics like nylon.


When dressing for summer, it’s important you consider aesthetics and your comfort. Don’t go ahead wearing clothes that are quite attractive but uncomfortable. While you’ll succeed at making head turns, you’ll put your comfort on the line. Your goal should be to balance things up. The tips above will help you do just that.

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