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February 25, 2021

5 Tips and Tricks for the Picture-Perfect Smile

Smiles should be natural and not artificial but looking glum in a group picture is probably not the best idea while posing! Besides, it helps to have a smile ready, that you know will impress, be it in an important meeting, or while posing for a social media upload.

Smiling Naturally in Unnatural Conditions: Trick Your Mind!

As any model will tell you, they have been told time and again to smile naturally at the camera, even when they are internally exhausted after doing the same thing a dozen times before! However, the trade secret is to trick your mind into thinking that it’s not a studio and a perfectly natural setting for you to smile like you were having the time of your life. Just think about something personal that usually puts a smile on your face and concentrate on that memory while posing for a photo. The results are almost always very impressive!

Straighten Your Teeth at Home

There is an easy, private, affordable, and effective solution for sporting the best smile that you naturally should be able to flash. If you have any malocclusions, pay a visit to the Straight My Teeth website, order an impression kit, and after you receive the package, simply follow their instructions to send them your dental impressions for a review.

If they agree that a more symmetrical smile is quite achievable, you can get your teeth straightened in less than a year’s time, without having to pay a single visit to an orthodontist! Their NightOnly clear braces can be put on only when you are ready to sleep, depending on your own preferences as they also offer all-day wear option.

Brighten Your Teeth at Home

There are so many teeth whitening kits out there that can help brighten up your smile almost instantly. Before visiting a social, private, or official occasion, don’t be shy about doing what’s necessary to make your entry smile light up the entire place.

Maintain a Gap in between Your Two Sets of Teeth

Even if you are not really clenching like some people tend to do while trying to put on a fake smile, but your upper and lower sets are only touching each other lightly, that habit needs to change. Keep a very small gap in between your upper and lower set to sport a relaxed, natural-looking smile at any time.

Lick Your Teeth

Wet teeth produce shiner and brighter smiles, so all you need to do is lick them before smiling, or just take a sip of water. Also, don’t let the end of your lips stretch too wide, as that might end up looking like a creepy grin, rather than a natural smile!

Practice and invest a bit in your smile, so that the next time they call you in for a groupshot, you will stand out in all pictures. Besides, a practiced smile is better than an awkward one, where it’s obvious that you didn’t really want to flash your pearly whites.

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