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July 25, 2022

5 Water Sports You Should Try This Year

Water sports form great exercises because they work almost all your body parts, naturally burning calories and enhancing your metabolism. While water sports are fun and exciting, they’re excellent for lifting your spirits and keeping you energized. They also offer health benefits, including reducing chronic disease risks, enhancing mental health, improving bone density, and benefiting people with arthritis.

However, these sports can be dangerous, so prioritizing safety is paramount. Learn how to swim to avoid drowning and consider learning how to do CPR and more water rescue strategies. Wear life jackets and familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts of every sport you intend to try. Here are five water sports you should try this year.


Sailing is a sport where you propel your boat using wind power. For your boat to move through the water effectively, you’ll need a quality sail from a reliable vendor such as Far East Sails. Sailing is a strategic activity that you can do competitively or recreationally. It’s a popular, fulfilling sport for people of different ages. You can sail in the lake, bay, ocean or river.

The surface you’ll sail on will differ greatly based on the weather and the water body you’re on. Ocean water will be rough, so expect a bumpy ride. The lake is calm, so you’ll likely have a smooth sail there. You can try team, match, or fleet racing when sport sailing. You should, however, learn sailing rules before engaging in the sport.

Horse surfing

Horse surfing is an extreme water sport involving riding or surfing a skimboard, surfboard, kiteboard, or wakeboard behind a horse. You’ll fix a tow rope to a custom-made saddle on your horse’s back to surf across the water. Based on the board you’ll be using, overall water and tide conditions, and topography, you can maneuver and perform tricks in manageable, breaking waves that are close to the shore. You can practice this sport in rivers and oceans. Before trying the sport, consider taking a horse surfing or boarding course to master the basics.


Freediving involves holding one’s breath while diving underwater without using breathing equipment and comprises recreational, applied, and competitive diving. Freediving is all about emotions, including the amazement of the aqua beauty or the euphoria from the weightlessness you feel. This sport lets you explore the underwater world most intimately. It comes with mental, physical, and fitness benefits while confidence in the water.


Parasailing is a sport where one or more people are towed behind a speedboat while attached to a parachute-like device. It pumps your adrenaline to help boost your immunity and increase your heart rate for improved cardiovascular health. Parasailing enables you to relax while absorbing vitamin D. It also allows you a fresh breath of fresh salty sea air for improved respiratory health. It can help you deal with asthma, bronchitis, and sinus pressure symptoms.


Windsurfing is a sport that relies on wind power to create ultimate thrills. It combines sailing and surfing where a big sail is attached to a board and strapped on you. You can practice this sport in oceans, bays, rivers, or lakes, provided the wind conditions are favorable. The first things to learn are standing on the board, controlling the sail, and avoiding injuries.


Water sports are great for overall health and fun. Consider trying these sports this year.

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