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May 16, 2022

5 Ways To Relish The Best Of Wimbledon Luxury

Wimbledon is one of the classiest sporting events of all time, and there aren’t many tournaments to match its prestige and status. Everything about the Championship is remarkable, from the Ivy-adorned stadiums to picturesque grass courts, incredible matches, and freshly picked strawberries from Kent. As a viewer, you can relish the best that the event has to offer or only be a part of the crowd. Everything boils down to your mindset. Here are some tips to experience the sheer pleasure of witnessing the grandest of all Grand Slams.

Prep up your wardrobe

Wimbledon is renowned for its quintessential all-white dress code for the players. Although there isn’t an official one for the spectators, remember to step out in style when you are here. After all, you will be sharing space with royals and celebrities from Hollywood, sports, and the entertainment industry. Prep up your wardrobe with smart casuals so that you do not fall short of sartorial options.

Savor strawberries and cream

When at Wimbledon, do not forget to savor the luxurious combination of strawberries and cream. After all, they are a part of the experience, and missing out is not an option for anyone coming to the venue. Wash it down with the event’s favorite drink to feel the real vibe of the event. The gin-based Pimm’s No. 1 Cup should be on top of your wish list, just like the strawberries and cream combo.

Get premium perks with debenture tickets

Getting tickets is perhaps the most challenging part of being at Wimbledon. The Public Ballot runs tight, and waiting in the queue for endless hours is hard work. Debenture tickets are the best option if you want to Buy tennis tickets to Wimbledon 2022 the easy way. You may have to pay a considerable sum for these tickets, but the experience is pure luxury. Besides the best seats, debenture tickets provide access to premium restaurants, bars, and lounges. You need not struggle for parking space because a reserved one awaits your car.

Check the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

Another tip to get the most out of your experience is to check out the famous Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. The world’s largest tennis museum showcases the evolution of the sport over the decades. You can see a recreation of the Gentlemen’s Dressing Room in the eighties and an immersive screen with the 2005 Centre Court match between Maria Sharapova and Nuria Llagostera.

Buy chic souvenirs

Remember to carry home the best memories of Wimbledon with pictures and videos on the ground. You can also buy some chic souvenirs from the gift shops for your friends and loved ones. The options are endless, from standard mementos like mugs and T-shirts to cool cotton tablecloths and freshly cut grass-scented candles. You can even have Wimbledon apparel custom embroidered from gift shops in the Southern Village area.

A visit to Wimbledon is a dream come true for a tennis fan, so it deserves a place on your bucket list. Try these ideas the next time you are here to relish the best it offers!

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