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June 19, 2024

6 High Maintenance Habits to Follow to Be Low Maintenance

Imagine two scenarios, which one do you prefer?

In the first scene, you wake up, remove your silk eye mask, and see yourself glowing in the mirror. You leisurely stretch, effortlessly fix your hair, apply subtle and elegant makeup, and effortlessly select a versatile outfit from your wardrobe before grabbing your bag and heading out.

In the second scenario, after multiple snoozes, you wake up feeling sore, with random itches on your elbows and back. You reach for a heavy moisturiser to combat dryness, but the thick foundation and concealer still leave your nose flaky. You open your wardrobe, overwhelmed by the array of colours, while the alarm rings again amidst your confusion…

The second situation sounds frustrating, doesn’t it?

Perhaps you’ve envied the first scenario, but you might think that to be the urban sophisticate in that scene requires a hefty investment. However, the reality is that following some seemingly high-maintenance habits doesn’t necessarily entail extensive upkeep in the long run. Their cost-effectiveness often outweighs that of repeating low-maintenance habits. It’s a strategy of investing in beauty in advance, illustrating that sometimes, it’s not about effort but about being smart.

As Australia approaches winter, let’s take a moment to reflect on how you can make some changes this winter to save time without sacrificing self-care.

Regular Hair Care and Scalp Oil Massage

Regular salon visits for deep conditioning treatments and scalp oil massages not only improve hair quality but also provide better scalp cleansing and relaxation. Regular use of scalp oil treatments can even help alleviate hair loss issues. If treatments like colouring have damaged your hair, proper care can aid in repair. You can also opt for weekly hair masks, offering additional maintenance for long-term benefits.

Schedule in Monthly Facial Treatments

You might perceive facial treatments as costly, but while some skincare products boast longevity, they may fall short in effectiveness, resulting in wasted time and money. Many modern urbanites opt for facial treatments for various reasons. For instance, ageing may render traditional skincare ineffective, or one may find elaborate skincare routines cumbersome and ineffective. Instead, opt for facial treatments that offer more visible results. With technological advancements, many facial treatments have become more accessible, without requiring exorbitant costs or posing many risks. You can easily schedule and enjoy targeted treatments like microneedling or thermage in Melbourne beauty salons with your bestie on a casual Sunday, which can yield immediate skincare benefits.

Completing Laser Hair Removal Sessions

As people found the average woman spends 72 days of her life shaving her legs throughout her lifetime, so the difference between laser hair removal and manual shaving becomes evident. Laser hair removal can make hair virtually disappear in a few weeks without issues like coarser regrowth and ingrown hairs. Manual shaving, on the other hand, can lead to side effects like skin irritation, infections, or folliculitis due to improper blade hygiene or usage. In the long run, seemingly high-maintenance laser hair removal may prove advantageous.

Opting for Durable Manicures

A salon manicure offers longer-lasting results compared to regular nail polish. What’s more frustrating than having freshly painted nails only to chip them while doing the dishes? Gel manicures can alleviate this frustration. A simple manicure with a single-colour gel polish can leave your hands looking refined and clean, boosting confidence during handshakes with clients. You can also choose nail polish colours that complement your outfits in autumn and winter, reflecting your aesthetics and personality. For those skilled enough, investing in a set of equipment including nail gel, UV light, and tools allows for DIY manicures at home.

Switching to Satin Bed Linens

In winter, skin tends to become sensitive due to dryness, leading to peeling and itching. If you can’t apply moisturiser daily, consider switching to skin-friendly satin bed linens. Research shows that satin is less irritating to the skin and can reduce sweating, minimising dirt accumulation. This proactive skincare action passively improves skin texture, leaving it fresh and silky during sleep, offering a delightful experience.

Incorporating Yoga

Many office workers spend long hours sitting in front of screens, maintaining a fixed posture for hours. If you consider exercise as high-maintenance and refuse to invest time, you might not realise the dangers of being sedentary. Sitting for too long not only causes shoulder, neck, and back problems but also increases the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. If you dislike intense workouts, consider practising yoga. In modern times, the physical aspects of yoga have gained popularity as a gentle form of exercise and stress management. Yoga not only exercises bones and muscles but also reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue, improving attention and energy levels while enhancing calmness and happiness.

These high-maintenance habits may require initial investment and effort, but they lead to long-term low-maintenance benefits, simplifying your life and enhancing your well-being.

In addition to maintaining your body, numerous habits contribute to cultivating a low-maintenance healthy lifestyle in the long run. Simplifying your wardrobe and adopting a seasonal capsule wardrobe is one such habit. With a capsule wardrobe, each item is carefully selected to complement others, allowing for effortless mixing and matching. This not only curbs impulse shopping but also optimises wardrobe space for better organisation. Moreover, it streamlines daily outfit selection, as each piece effortlessly coordinates with others, saving you valuable time and effort.

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