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March 9, 2022

A Guide to Wearing Sports Luxe for Men

Luxury sportswear has gradually earned its place on the runway with top brands such as Nike, Dior, and Veilance, and they have all showcased incredible sports-luxe lines for men and women.

Here is a brief insight into how the popularity of luxury athletic wear emerged in recent years.


Beyonce, Kanye, Rihanna, and other influencers have played a significant part in the rise of luxury sportswear.

For instance, Beyonce launched Ivy Park, and Kanyes’ Yeezy clothing line emerged in recent years also. In turn, inspiring fans to purchase luxury sports clothing.


The re-emergence of sports brands such as Champion and Fila have with the assistance of celebs and collaborations with, for example, Off White earned a reputation as luxe sportswear.

Insta Wellness Movement

Whether sporting luxury athleisure wear in a morning yoga routine or whipping up a fruit smoothie. Health-conscious influencers are revealing their luxe sportswear outfits for all to see on Instagram, and fans are copying their style.


Luxe sportswear is gaining a broader following because of its bid to make innovative apparel that’s available in more sizes. Inclusivity reaps success for clothing businesses with consumers. Especially those centered around providing sizes not yet supplied by their competitors.

If you’re looking for the best way to jump on the luxe sportswear trend, here are some key pieces to buy and tips for putting together a great outfit.

Coord Track Sets

From faded denim sports Esque jackets paired with fitted joggers replicating similar imagery of skulls, crosses, and more. For some ideas on what style track sets are popular today, see Rockstar Originals matching sets featured in striking colors and quality fabric.

Baseball Cap

Bad hair day? No problem, the baseball cap hides a bedhead in an instant while adding an excellent accessory to your outfit. Always try on different caps to see what shape, colors, and fabric suit you best.

Chunky Trainers

Sneakers with chunky soles are the go-to footwear for modern-day sports-luxe wearers. From limited-edition Yeezys to Balenciaga’s. Or more affordable options like Steve Madden and Fila. Adding a chunky pair of trainers is a must for securing the sports luxe look.


When the weather’s icy, a hoodie is not only a comfortable and warm piece of clothing, it can also amp up a men’s sportswear outfit. From slim-fitting to oversized, experimenting with different style hoodies is essential before deciding whether to add one to your wardrobe.

Layer Outfits

Layering outfits is advisable to add extra impact to any outfit.

To master layering sports luxe wear, you’ll need the following – a long-sleeve crewneck and a technical jacket.

A sports jacket is ideal for a myriad of occasions and can quickly switch up the look of your outfit.

Tailored Joggers

Look sharp yet feel comfortable, with the assistance of tailored joggers. The clean design of these joggers means they’ll fit in, in most places.

7-inch Shorts

When the weather picks up, swap fitted joggers for physique-defining 7-inch shorts. These are designed to accentuate the thickest part of the quads, and in turn, boost your attractiveness instantly.

Pair with chunky trainers, a long sleeve slim-fitting top, and a cap, to complete the look.

Athletic Tank Tops

Opt for a sleeveless t-shirt for style, comfort, and, of course, to highlight toned arms. Tank tops will look the part with both tailored joggers and athletic shorts.

With the must-have sports luxe items depicted above, opt for and try on different pieces to see what works for your appearance. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues, fabrics, and labels too.

A great outfit plays a significant part in making you look and feel good. But don’t forget to spend time on the other numerous attributes which make up your image too. Such as, getting a full night’s sleep, eating nutritional food, adopting a skincare regime, and improving your posture.

Please credit: Photo by Malcolm Garret from Pexels

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