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June 9, 2022

A walk through the essence of Alqvimia

1984 was the year ALQVIMIA was born, created by a visionary, Idili Lizcano, under a concept of holistic natural cosmetics of biological chemistry, based on essential oils of great purity. Success was not long in coming and in 1991 the company began its expansion in Europe and today ALQVIMIA is positioned in 20 countries around the world, with a surprising success especially in the East, as in China where it has had its own subsidiary for four years and with very good results in Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia, with a position as a world leader in 100% natural cosmetics.

ALQVIMIA Cosmetics is pure beauty

Its cosmetic beauty products are natural and of high quality, based on excellence through the concept of integral beauty, seeking the perfect balance between beauty, health and well-being. Among the different ranges of products, essential oils are the soul of the brand and its facial ranges with creams and serums, and the body lines based on its oils, are also applied through exclusive protocols in professional beauty centers, wellness and spas all over the world.

ALQVIMIA and the power of aromatherapy

The very name ALQVIMIA means the art of transformation, so the brand created 37 years ago focuses on the power of plants and flowers, so that its energy is a personal journey towards the transformation of feminine empowerment, to fully develop creativity, self-esteem, well-being, joy and love. Energy is light and each of Alqvimia’s different cosmetic products are based on the ancient alchemical knowledge of aromatherapy, to illuminate the personal and individual beauty of each woman.

More than products, ALQVIMIA is about wellness rituals 

The difference compared to countless other oils and products lies not only in its 100% natural formulations but also in its sustainability and respect for the environment. The formulas based on high-quality essential oils provide physical benefits, but also emotional and therapeutic because it is a cosmetic that transforms the body and soul, as it goes beyond the skin itself. Its formulas are oils with living molecules that are transported deeply throughout the body and reach to relax, combat discomfort, anxiety, insomnia and empower giving energetic strength to the body.

ALQVIMIA’S commitment to the planet

A pioneer in harmony and sustainability, which has been transmitted in each of its cosmetic products for more than 30 years, with the challenge of improving the beauty, health and well-being of women and men of all ages. ALQVIMIA follows all the creation, formulation and manufacture processes, with great sensitivity and respect for the environment. With our small contribution, we want to improve the quality of life today and for future generations of the entire planet.

We believe in sustainability. We are committed to Nature and the balance of the Environment because with our commitment today we contribute to improving the challenges facing the planet in the not too distant future.

Handcrafted manufacturing. It is our commitment to the environment, because we work with renewable energies, without CO2 emissions, we use natural and ecological raw materials because we believe in the beauty and power of plants.

With certificates of responsibility. All the ingredients and materials used in ALQVIMIA cosmetics have their corresponding certificate of social responsibility activity, both with its workers and in forest management.

Recyclable containers and packaging. Alqvimia’s natural oil essences require packaging that can withstand the power and stability of their formulas, which is why we use cardboard and glass, as well as biodegradable materials.

Cosmetics with Kinesiology testing

Its teams of therapists have been trained in kinesiology, as this ancestral therapy allows each cosmetic product to be tested according to the attunement it establishes with each client. The test that is performed is very simple, since the same organism establishes an empathy or rejection when the cosmetic is brought close to the facial or body area for which it is indicated. With the response of the test, it is immediately verified whether the organism creates rejection or not with the product. The synergy between the organism and the cosmetic formula is created in an empathic way, since all ALQVIMIA formulas are made with natural oils and botanical extracts that have an energy that connects with the energy of each body, both at a health and cosmetic level.

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